Umrah will Remain Open till 28th Shawwal 1443

15-Apr-2022 572

According to recent news the Saudi government has decided that Umrah will remain until 28th Shawwal (29th May 2022). The General presidency for the affairs of Two Holy Mosques head Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Sudais stated that they have achieved great success in the first ten days of Ramadan in servicing over two million Umrah pilgrims. Book Shawal Umrah packages 2022.

Best Services for Umrah Pilgrims:

The Saudi presidency enable the smooth execution and grouping of two million Umrah pilgrims due to targeted integration services and efforts involving participations of various specialized sectors. His presidency Sheikh Abdul Al Saudais further stated that “efforts have been made to provide the best possible services for Umrah pilgrims in order to carry out their Umrah rituals with comfort and ease in an peaceful and religious atmosphere offering safety and security.

High influx of Umrah Pilgrims:

His presidency further stated that during the first ten day of Ramazaan, the two holy mosques has seen high influx of visitors, worshipers and Umrah pilgrims after execution of preventive protocols and precautionary  step related to containing coronavirus. 
His excellency Sheikh Abdul Al Saudais expressed his desire to provide the finest integrated services in collaboration with concerned agencies to arriving worships and Umrah pilgrims that fulfills the requirements concerning ongoing health precautions in order to provide safety to the faithful.

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