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Allow yourself to be exposed to the magnificent country Spain But first, you must obtain a Spain visa from Pakistan. can assist you from start to finish. We offer a complete visa processing package for Spain. All you need is your passport, and our team will handle the rest. Call/WhatsApp right now to get your visa as soon as possible!

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Spain is situated in northwestern Europe and officially known as the kingdom of Spain. The country offers several travel destinations places that people love to visit. Every year a number of people from Pakistan travel to Spain. The people looking for Spain Visa Pakistan can get the visa consultancy from Spain countryside contain castles and ancient ruins while on the other hand, its cities are modern. One can experience a variety of adventures by visiting some of the famous places of this country. Its capital city is Madrid that has been acting as a financial center for many past years. People belonging to a variety of cultures such as Arabs, Romans, Castilians, Jews, Galicians lived there. One of the most important requirements to travel to this beautiful country is having Spain Visa from Pakistan that permits the entry of Pakistani to Spain. Also check the Spain Tour Packages that will make your journey memorable.

Quick Facts About Spain

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist, Business
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Tourist Visa: stays up to 90 days in 180 day period , Business Visa: stays up to 90 days in 180 day period
  4. Visa Processing Time: Tourist Visa: at least 15 Days , Business Visa: 30 Days
  5. Visa Fees: Tourist Visa: 60 Euro ,Business Visa: 80 Euro
  6. Flight Booking to Apply Visa: Required
  7. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No​​

Steps to Obtain Spain Visa from Pakistan

  1. Obtaining the visa of Spain falls within the Schengen Visa which is valid for 26 countries one of which is Spain.
  2. The applicant needs to apply at the Consulate of that European Country where the Applicant intends to stay longest. If the main destination of the visit cannot be decided the applicant should apply for the Visa at the Embassy of the Country of First Entry.
  3. In order to apply for Italian visa the applicant needs to sign and fill the visa form one photocopy of which needs to be submitted with one Photograph pasted on both of the forms.
  4. The Embassy has all of the right to request any additional document in addition to those which are mentioned above in case they are important for the issuance of visa and calling for an interview.
  5. In case the Visa is granted to the Applicant the Competent authorities at the immigration still reserves the right to refuse entry upon the arrival.
  6. In case that the applicant submits any fake document the application can be refused.
  7. Visa Application needs to be submitted with one set of original documents. However, only those documents which have to be returned to the Applicant should be submitted with a Photocopy.
  8. The Embassy may require verification fee of Rs 27,000 in case local documents are submitted.
  9. A Spanish translation of all of the documents is required.
  10. All non-Spanish documents needs to be previously duly legalized.
  11. The applicant must bear in mind that complying with all of the requirements does not guarantee the issuance of visa although in some cases the personal interview might be required.
  12. The applications need to be submitted personally by the Applicant’s.
  13. In order for the submissions of the applications TCS Visatronix needs to be contacted of which the appointment is needed.
  14. The addresses to submit the visa applications at different Gerry Centre’s  are the following:
  15. • Block#11 I & T Center Aabpara, Islamabad
  16. • Karachi: 37E Block 06 PECHS, Karachi
  17. • Lahore: 58 D-1 Gulberg 111 Lahore.

Spanish Visa Types From Pakistan

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa

Visa Costs for Spain For Pakistani Citizen

  1. Here are the charges that apply to each visa application
  2. Tourist Visa : PKR 10481
  3. Business Visa : PKR 10481

Documents Required for Spain Tourist Visa From Pakistan

Below is the List of Documents Required for Spani Tourist Visa, you need submit these documents if you want to Get Spanih visa from Pakistan.

  1. Spanish Visa Application form
  2. Two photos with white  background
  3. Passport and copies of previous visas
  4. The passport must be valid for at least three months after the travelling date.
  5. A copy of return air ticket.
  6. Travel Insurance funds of  30,000 euros for Spain and entire Schengen Area
  7. A cover letter stating the purpose of the visit to Spain and itinerary.
  8. Flight reservation
  9. Hotel Booking Reservation
  10. Means of subsistence by providing copies of credit cards
  11. Visa Fees
  12. Photocopy of ID Card
  13. Bank Statement of last six months
  14. If the Applicant is visiting family and friends an invitation letter is needed by the Police Station of the Sponsors city of Residence.
  15. Proof of relationship of Applicant with Sponsor attested by ministry of foreign affairs.
  16. Salary slips of three months .

Documents required for the Spain Business Visa

There is a list of Documents that you need if you want to Get Spaish Business Visa

  1. Spain Visa Application form
  2. Two Passport Size Colored Photographs with a Plain with white Background.
  3. Letter of invitation from sponsor either Spanish company or individual stating the relationship to the Applicant, dates and purpose of visit to Spain. The letter must also include that who will bear the expenses of the applicant’s trip along with the detailed contact information in Spain.
  4. Confirmed Ticket and Hotel Confirmation,
  5. Memorandum and Article of Association, Trade license and proprietorship documents
  6. Proof of valid health insurance with full coverage in Spain and rest of Schengen Countries with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.
  7. Evidence of sufficient funds to bear the expenses of the trip minimum rate of $120 per day.
  8. Letter of Employment certifying that applicant is the employee of the company indicating the Applicant’s Salary, date of employment, the approved leave and date of return.
  9. In case the Applicant is self-employed the applicant must provide business license and tax return.
  10. Business Bank statement of last 6 months
  11. Original and Photocopy of Passport and must be valid for three months after the expected travelling date.
  12. Visa Fee
  13. Bank Statement of last twelve months and salary certificate.
  14. A letter from the local company identifying the applicant and explaining the purpose of the applicant’s visit.

Awaiting the result

The processing time for the application would be 30 Days due to which all of the applications must be submitted four weeks before the departure date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spain a Schengen country?

Yes, Spain is a part of the Schengen Contract.

Can we go to Spain from Pakistan?

Yes, we can travel to Spain from Pakistan we just need a visa to Spain on our Passport.

What is the Visa processing fee for a Spain visa?

The visa processing fee for a visa to Spain from Pakistan is about Rs, 20,000.

Why a visa to Spain mostly gets rejected?                  

One of the major reasons behind the rejection of a Visa to Spain is the presence of insufficient funds in your account in accordance with your stay.

Is Spain a beautiful country to Visit?

Spain is an extremely beautiful country with huge cultural and architectural heritage.

What is per month’s Salary in Spain?

As of 2023, the minimum monthly wage in Spain is 1100 euros.        

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