Thailand Visit Visa Price for Pakistanis 2023

Thousands of Pakistanis visit Thailand for tourism. To get there, you must have a valid Thailand visa from Pakistan 2023. makes is quite easy for you to get low price of Thailand visit visa from Pakistan with amazing ease. Our team will do all the file work for making your visa dropbox application ready so you can focus on your leisure and tour plan. Contact us on phone/whatsapp 0308-8747775 to discuss visa process and requirements.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
Visa Full Package (One month) 14 Working Days PKR 18,000 APPLY NOW

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Updated November 2023

Make your great Thailand trip possible with your trusted partner for the Thailand visa process. It's essential to have a valid Thailand tourist visa from Pakistan. To facilitate this, the Thailand embassy provides visa application processing both directly at the embassy and through authorized Thailand visa dropbox services: a facilitation process for Pakistani visa applicants to Thailand. Make your travel dreams to Thailand a reality with our seamless visa assistance.

We provide all in one package where you do nothing but our team of experts prepare your file and apply for the Thailand visa through official dropbox.

It takes about 5-7 working days to process your visa for Thailand from Pakistan. So, make sure to apply in advance and enjoy peace of mind as you embark on your dream vacation. To apply for a Thailand visit visa 2023, you'll need a passport with at least 2 blank pages, a minimum validity of 6 months, and the necessary profile documents. The visa process commences once you pay the visa fee, including the processing charges through

To ensure a speedy visa processing for Thailand, it's best to have all your documents ready as soon as possible. For more information on the required documents, feel free to contact us or refer to the additional details on this page. 

Thailand Visa Price for Pakistanis

Our fee/price for Thailand visa from Pakistan is Rs. 18,000 and this price include official Thai embassy visa application fee as well as our processing charges for consultancy and handling. Our team has repeated experience of applying for Thai visa for Pakistani applicants by making sure that all visa requirements for Thai visa are met properly to ensure much better success ratio for each Pakistani visa applicant to Thailand on the lowest possible price of Thailand visa from Pakistan. Right from online form filling to visa drop box submission, we follow designated rules set by Thai visa services. The visa fee for Thailand is taken as advance along with your passport and required documents. You can make the visa payment via cash, online or through bank transfers to our official accounts. The visa fee is non-refundable.


How to Apply for Thailand Visa from Pakistan

There are two ways to apply for Thailand tourist visa. You can choose any application mode that best suit your personal needs. We recommend that you use the Dropbox option as it gives you a great convenience and costs less eventually. Moreover, you get free of cost advisory from our visa experts.

1. Self-apply at Thailand Embassy

You can apply yourself at the Thai embassy in Islamabad. For that you have to reach Thailand embassy and submit your documents yourself. The applications are accepted every day from Monday to Friday 9 am to 11:30 am. If you apply yourself, you have to face the hassle of going to the embassy but you get a discounted visa application fee of just Rs. 5000 for a standard single entry tourist visa.

2. Apply Thailand visa through Dropbox

Thailand embassy also accepts visa applications via Dropbox service and provides this service to our valuable customers. This way, the visa documentation and requirements for visa remain the same but you don’t have to go to embassy. Instead, you submit your documents with and we’ll get your visa applied. This process is cost-effective and much convenient as you save a lot of time and travel costs. Thailand tourist visas for Pakistani can be processed for Rs. 18000 only via Dropbox.

Quick Fact About Thailand Visa for Pakistani Citizens

  1. Visa Required : Yes for Pakistani nationals
  2. Popular Visa Type : Tourist, Business (single and multiple entries)
  3. Visit Visa Duration : Tourist Visa:  30 or 60 Days,Business Visa:90 Days
  4. Visa Processing Time : It is processed within five working days.
  5. Visa Fee : Tourist Visa: PKR 18000
  6. Application Method: Throgh Thai embassy & Dropbox

Thailand Sticker Visa Required Documents

  • Cover letter / Company Working Letter
  • 1 Empty Passport Page / 6 Months Validity of Passport
  • Bank Statement Personal & Company (1year) with Account maintenance later bank sign stamp
  • 4 Photos White background passport size (taken within 6 months)
  • Copies of CNIC
  • NTN
  • Confirmed Air ticket & hotel booking for your stay in Thailand.

Visa Types of Thailand for Pakistan

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Transit Visa

How to Track Thailand Visa Application?

  • Thai Consulate the Embassy will call the applicant to collect the passport when it is ready for collection. If the passport is being collected by the applicant on its own the original receipt and copy of photo ID is required. However, if the Passport is being collected by someone else other than the Applicant the original receipt and an authorization letter signed by the Applicant needs to be provided.

Documents Required for Thailand Visit Visa Application

These are the List of the Documents Required 

  1. Original Passport which is valid for six months from the departure date.
  2. In case of an employee, reference Letter from the current employer mentioning the job position, duration of service and salary proof attached with the Company Letterhead, NTN and proof of Company’s financial Transactions of six months.
  3. Photocopy of CNIC Card  
  4. The details of your travelling plans including hotel bookings
  5. Two photocopies of Passport’s first four pages.
  6. Two Passport Size Colored Photographs (3.5 * 4.5 cm)
  7. A confirmed Airline Ticket
  8. Personal Bank Statement of last one year with account maintenance certificate
  9. In case of a spouse Marriage Registration Certificate needs to be provided
  10. In case of Family Provide Family Registration Certificate, FRC.
  11. Other Relevant Supporting Documents
  12. Documents Relating to Accommodation
  13. The Documents should be suffice enough that the Applicant’s Financial status is credible enough to travel and cover all of the Expenses.

if you want any Help in Process of Thailand visa from Pakistan, provide services of Well Reputed Travel Agents that make your visa file and other tasks.

Key Points for Thailand Visa

Visa Application Effort


Physical Visit

Not Required. Apply via Thailand visa dropbox

Processing Time

5-7 working days

Visa Filing & Fee

Rs. 18000 

Passport  Physical/original passport required
Visa Collection No need to visit. You can get the passport delivered to you via courier.
Travel Documents Air Ticket and hotel reservation

Visa Processing Time for Thailand

The visa is processed within five working days approximately. You must know that visa processing time fluctuate very much. If there are public holidays or any political unrest or other reasons, there might be delays in visa processing. So, most people apply well in advance. 


Typically, it takes about 5-7 working days to process a Thailand visa from Pakistan. To ensure a smooth visa application process, it's recommended to apply in advance and have all the necessary documents ready.

The cost of obtaining a Thailand visa through is Rs. 25,000. This fee includes the official Thai embassy visa application fee and the processing charges for consultancy and handling. It covers all the services provided by to facilitate the visa application process.

The requirements for a Thailand visa for Pakistani citizens include having a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, at least 2 blank pages in the passport, a confirmed airline ticket and hotel booking, bank statements, photographs, and other relevant documents. The specific requirements may vary based on the type of visa you are applying for, such as tourist or business.

No, a physical visit to the Thai embassy in Islamabad is not required to apply for a Thailand visa from Pakistan. The visa application process can be completed through a visa drop box service authorized by the Thailand Embassy. also offers a visa drop box service for Thailand visa applications, making the process convenient and efficient for applicants.


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