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Doha is the national capital city of Qatar. If you are a Pakistani you will be glad to know that Qatar offers Pakistanis a visa-free entry through which Pakistanis can live there for a whole month for tourism purposes only. The best time to visit Doha, Qatar is from November to March because the climate is cool in these months. Whereas in other months especially from May to September, the climate of Qatar is very hot exceeding 40°C and can be up to 50°C. The best tourist places of Doha are Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, Doha Corniche, the Pearl Qatar, Aspire Park, Mathaf (Arab Museum of Modern Art), Banana Island, MIA Park, Falcon Souq, Desert Safari Doha, Khor Al Adaid and lot of other places. Get 5 days tour packages for Dubai from Pakistan.
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Two airports are involved in this process. The Lahore, LHE- Allama Iqbal International Airport and Doha International Airport (DOH), Qatar.

Qatar Airways Cheap Airfare of Lahore to Doha Flights:

Every day of the week, Qatar Airways offer flights from Lahore to Doha which are non-stop and very facilitative. They take only 3 hours 40 minutes. 2+ flights are sent on a daily basis on different flight time schedules. Qatar Airways ticket prices of flights from Lahore to Doha start from Rs.100,470. Kuwait Airways Price of Ticket for Lahore to Doha Flights. Search Flight Schedule from Islamabad to Doha here.

Air Fare of Kuwait Airways from Lahore to Doha:

Kuwait Airways flights from Lahore to Doha on these days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. These flights have one stop in Kuwait City. Kuwait Airway’s Cheapest Ticket Price is around 63,709 PKR for the journey from Lahore to Doha. 9 hours 30 minutes is the outbound flight duration.

PIA Cheap Flights Lahore to Doha Ticket Price this Week:

Pakistan International Airlines offer Connecting Flights from Lahore to Doha on the days of Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday. The stops are situated in Karachi and Peshawar. PIA Ticket Prices of Flights from Lahore to Doha are between Rs.47,831 and 69,331. This journey consumes time period of more than 1 day 10 hours 40 minutes through PIA flights. The returning-back flights of PIA have only one layover/ stop that can be in Islamabad/ another city of Pakistan. Check out Karachi to Doha Air Fare.

SriLankan Airlines Flight Ticket Price Today from Lahore to Doha:

Sri-Lankan Airlines flights from Lahore to Doha. These flights are sent on the days of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  They have one layover in Colombo, SriLanka. The minimum time its flights take in this journey is 22 hours 30 minutes. Airfare prices of Sri-Lankan Airlines start from Rs.167,510 for Lahore to Doha journey.
Note: All these prices are the Cheapest Ticket Prices and Economy Class Prices and are applicable to one person’s roundtrip. To enjoy the Lowest Airfare Prices, please book your flight ticket at least one month before their departure. Flight Schedules (especially of PIA) can keep changing after every few months according to the need.

Cheaps flights from Lahore to Doha

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