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Lahore considers as the beautiful city of Pakistan. Lahore also called the city of Gardens due to its beauty and beautiful gardens.  attract here is also the second largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Punjab. City development projects have increased and are generally applied without the concerns of the factoring environment. Lahore is one of the most interesting cities in Pakistan and the second one is in Pakistan. Lahore is a city, British is a great reputation from mosques with colonial architecture, places, graves, and pastures. Even Lahore has a great historical value for people and all the famous and valuable places still exist in Lahore.

The main focus in Lahore can be Wald Town. This place is about a kilometer length in a city that does not need to remember a city-visitor. There are various attractions including the Lahore Fort, the kingdom mosque and the inner town within the Wald Town. The Kingdom Mosque made the largest mosque worldwide. Guests can get free for free, yet more than 10 rupees donate to sit out of donor positions. The interior can be amazing on complex architectural designs on the temples and shore from the inner cities.

Eating apart from the traditional Mugalai style:

Lahore is based on this style if you travel in different parts of Lahore, you will see how well the beauty of vintage structures and development is loaded. Central Asia's shiny and flat-bird and hollow meat are featured. Since Lahore has attracted thousands of tourists every year since a long time, the city business hotel is very beneficial.

Go to the wall of Lahore:

If you get more information about Lahore's background history to learn more, you will need to make a wall of the city. The oldest part of Lahore is the best architecture and designing of Pakistan.


The glory of Lahore's rich past is its past and tour of Lahore's famous museums is perhaps the best way to get the city's close insight.

Shakir Ali Museum:

Basically Shakar's house preserves various paintings and other specialists with this museum, Pakistani artists developed by experts. The work of various artists in the very inspiring store has also been shown.

Ltravel to lahore

The Lahore Museum, in 1864, included a large collection of Buddhism archaeological sites in India. This Islamic art item is also a row of old prescriptions, weapons and apparel.

Shopping in Lahore:

With the birds traveling in Lahore, markets of Lahore have their own functionality and shopaholics can browse through handsets and gifts for hours. Aka Bazar is known for offering high-quality non-mineral silk and printed items. As such, Anarkali Bazar, Zengo Mall, MM Alam road are for those who fill the shopping bag with branded items and spend more than flights and holiday deals.


For shopaholics in Lahore:

Lahore is a wonder of old age. The workers have created almost every kind of carpet. A host of other rugs prepared by Persia, Kashmir, Turkmen, Kazakh and Kodad tribesmen can be bought here. In the old city bazaar styles and lanes, craftsmen still have many valuable trades to mention with their outfit design, fabrics, embroidery clothes, gold and silver jewelry in fabulous design, silk wear and handmade goods. I made a great deal. Haggling is the standard way to purchase.

Lahore is one of the most interesting cities in Pakistan and it is only Karachi in Karachi. The city is historically the main city of Punjab and it is often said that the cultural center of Pakistan causes a lot of interest to please a comfortable guest. Lahore is the second best tourist destination in Pakistan.

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