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Madinah Airport is one of the two major airports of Saudi Arabia serving the flights of Umrah and Hajj travelers on a daily basis. So, Madinah Airport (Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport) receives international flights which makes it one of the busiest airports in Saudi ArabiaTo serve the arriving and returning passengers, Madinah Airport has brought duty-free stores where passengers can buy gifts and many other products at cheaper prices. These duty-free shops in Madinah Airport in Saudi Arabia were started in 2015. provides all the information about travel and trips. You can buy many international flight tickets including cheap flight tickets from Karachi to Madinah, Flight tickets prices from Lahore to Madinah and flight tickets from Islamabad to Madinah. Along with it, Umrah and Hajj Packages, Hotels, international trip packages, domestic trips and tours, travel agencies' and Visa information, and much more. Just search your relevant query by putting keywords in the search portal available on the main pages of


Duty-Free Shops in Madinah Airport:

Madinah Airport duty-free shops usually sell gifts, souvenirs, perfumes, cosmetics, bags, chocolates, sweets, glasses, electronics, local products, toys, accessories, etc. These duty-free shops 2019 are open for a 24/7 basis. 
The design and architecture of these shops are amazing. The credit of cleanliness, brightness and mesmerizing beauty of these shops goes to the officials, hard workers and servers of Madinah Airport who have modernized the airport and filled it with every facility to make the travel of travelers easy and comfortable. The government of Saudi Arabia doesn't charge tax from these shops. This helps shopkeepers to grow their business and thus grows the economy. Read family Umrah packages prices Pakistan 2019.


ATU Duty-Free Shops at Cheapest Prices in Madinah Airport:

These ATU duty-free shops are located at different locations in Madinah Airport at both domestic and international terminals, before and after the check-in points. These stores are not allowed to sell their goods to local markets, the sole purpose of these tax-free stores at Madinah Airport is to facilitate the passengers and provide the goods at cheaper prices. These duty-free stores are spread at an area of 1230 square meters.

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