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Scamming has been big trouble for tourists all over the world. People are getting more and more interested in tourism and with each passing day. This means the ratio of scamming is also getting higher. Pakistan is one of those countries which are making its name flourish in Tourism. As world-renowned magazine declared Pakistan as a Top Tourist Destination in 2020 there is a big chance that this year Pakistan’s Tourism industry will boom. Pakistan Tourism is going to be increased in the future and there is no denying this fact. 

Still, there are many people present in Pakistan that don’t care about country integrity and just want benefits for themselves. Getting a foreign tourist into their web is like a golden chance for them. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common scams that you guys can come across when visiting Pakistan as a tourist.  Here is the list of Top 10 Scams While Visiting Pakistan. This list will also provide the details on How to Avoid Scams While Traveling.

1. Hotel Rent Scam:


Hotel Rent Scam ni Pakistan


We always book our lodging destination when going for a tour in a foreign country. So, if you are trying to get to make a reservation for your hotel room always do it from an authentic source. Don’t try to book hotel rooms without confirming that they match all the facilities that they mentioned in their deal. There are many scam hotels that put their status as 5 or 4-star hotels put their rooms don’t have all those facilities that they mentioned in your deal. This way they charge you according to a 5-star hotel rate but you don’t get the services worth your also offers Best Hotels around the world.

How to Overcome Hotel Rent Scam in Pakistan:

  1. Always try to book through a certified company.
  2. If booking online go for those applications which are multinationals.
  3. Don’t try to use OLX for these things. 
  4. Try to get help from some local friends.

2. Overprice Taxi Rent:


Over priced texi rent


Tourist mostly uses taxis or rickshaws in Pakistan to travel from one destination to other. Try to avoid local Taxi drivers because they charge tourists extra. The best way to travel in local taxis is if you have a local friend or genuine guide. If not then it is better to use the services of CAREEM and UBER

How to Overcome Overprice Taxi Rent :

  1. Go for the service of UBER or CAREEM
  2. If UBER and CAREEM don’t provide service in your area calculated the rent from these apps and pay your Taxi driver accordingly.
  3. Get help from a local friend.
  4. Try to bargain.

3. Dodgy Tour Guide:


This is another scam that you as a tourist should know about when visiting Pakistan. Your tour guide will try to dodge you and don’t take you to all the places that you paid them for. This term is called a dodgy tour in which tour guides can get money from you according to a 10 place visit and will only show you those which don’t have a ticket or near to your destination.Checkout the Best Tour Packages


  1. Make a list of all those places where you want to go and for which you have paid your tour guide.
  2. Check off all the places that you visited.
  3. Count the places again and again so your tour guide doesn’t miss anything.

4. Ticket Scams:

Tickets Scam


Whenever you try to enter any historical place of Pakistan check the proper amount of visiting ticket. Sometimes the ticket is less expensive and you get charged extra. So, whenever you buy a ticket about anything clearly check the price of that ticket before you buy it. It will be more helpful if you have some sufficient knowledge about Pakistan Currency.


  1. Try to look for the price of that particular place ticket online.
  2. Look at your ticket because mostly the price is mentioned. 
  3. Never let the person who is giving dodge you by canceling price on the ticket through marker or pen. 

5. Fake Police:


Fake Police


This term of scam is getting popular all over the world but in Pakistan, it is being played with tourists from decades. In this scam, fake cops will stop your car and charge you with the unnecessary Traffic ticket fee. Most of the traffic cops in Pakistan don’t bother tourist if they didn’t get themselves involved in big road accidents or tragedies. So, whenever a police officer stops you to give you a ticket always ask for his ID. Don’t give them money on the site to pay off the ticket. 


  1. Try to tell them that you are sorry because if they are not fake cops there is a big chance that they will let you go with a warning.
  2. Try to check their police ids.
  3. on’t pay them cash to wave off tickets.

6. Fake\Overpriced Souvenir:


Expensive Gifts


Every tourist wants to take something back from tour destination that they will remember. Tourist gathers souvenir from Pakistan and usually, local Souvenirs of Pakistan are very low priced like Shalwar Qameez, Traditional cap, and many other things. Shop keeper charges extra money for these cheap products to tourists. So, it is better to shop for these things with a local.


  1. Get help from a local guide about the prices.
  2. Get this souvenir from brands
  3. Try to bargain
  4. Avoid getting souvenirs if you think they are a bit expensive. 

7. Currency Exchange Scam:


Money Exchanger Scams


This scam usually happened to a tourist when they don’t have proper knowledge about the currency of Pakistan. First of all, don’t exchange your currency with Pakistan rupee through a local vendor. If you want to get money exchanges in Pakistan currency does it through banks or other legitimate money exchange companies in Pakistan. So, whenever trying to exchange money get it done through a reliable source that you can trust.


  1. Get the money exchanged through banks or other registered companies in Pakistan.
  2. Verify the cash if it is original or not. 
  3. Avoid local vendors.
  4. Know about the exchange rate of Pakistani Rupee according to your currency.

8. Pickpockets:


Pickpockets in Lahore


This is another big scam that tourists of all over the world face on a regular basis. In each country, you will come across some professional pickpockets and Pakistan is no different. Here you will have no idea and your purse or valet will be gone in no time. It is better to avoid crowded spaces of Pakistan when visiting; this will drop the chances of you getting robbed. Carry as little money as you can. Divide your money and put it in different places in your outfit. Try to pay through credit cards. 


  1. Divide your money and put it in different places of your outfit so it will not go all out if someone picked your pocket.
  2. Try to avoid crowded bazaars of Pakistan and if you are visiting put a hand on your vault.
  3. Try to have a little money in your pocket and use credit or debit cards for payment. 

9. Overpriced Food:


Overpriced food


Food is mostly cheap in Pakistan. Pakistan street food is one of the delicious treats that you can give yourself. In Pakistan especially Punjab is one of those provinces that where food is never-ending. So whenever you buy something to eat in local stalls than know about the price of their food from their surroundings and if you are eating in a local restaurant always ask for the receipt. Check all the list of food you get, if anything is additional call the manager of that hotel and get that bill fixed.


  1. Look for the local stalls and try to know about the price of their food.
  2. Never go for special items.
  3. Get bill receipt and count food items on it.
  4. Take a local friend out for you, he\she will not only help you to find best-hidden gems of Pakistan street food but also will help you in that condition where someone is charging you extra.

10. Snatch Theft: 


Snatching while traveling in pakistan


The culture of snatch theft is becoming very popular in Pakistan. This is the last mention of our list but holds great importance. Whenever you visit Pakistan as a tourist it is better to look for this snatcher. It is better to not go out alone in the lone places at night. You don’t have to talk on your phone when walking on roads because mobile phone snatching rates are increasing day by day in Pakistan. 


  1. Don’t go out in the night with your Wallet or Phones.
  2. If something bad happened to try to contact the police as soon as you can. 
  3. Don’t talk on the phone while walking in lonely streets. 
  4. Avoid those regions which are less crowded in Pakistan.

So, here is the list of Top 10 scams While Visiting Pakistan 2020 that a tourist should know about when they are planning to visit. Tourist should also know How to Avoid Scams While Traveling , Escaping from these scams is not that difficult just follow all the rules that are mentioned in this list. This will not only help you guys to reduce the chances of getting scammed but also you will get more knowledge about the living style in Pakistan. 

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