Ways to Obtain U.S.A Citizenship for Pakistanis

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U.S citizenship is demanded the world over but most are unaware of American citizenship requirements. Many people also don’t know the U.S citizenship conditions required for becoming eligible to become a citizen. Requirment for USA visa from Pakistan.
Obtaining U.S.A citizenship through U.S citizenship process is an amazing opportunity. It grants you many benefits and opportunities to work, study, get financial support, and have U.S citizen rights. Many people struggle to pass the american citizenship test for many years and spend all their life trying to earn it. 
You can get U.S citizenship by various ways some through the process of 

Citizenship By Birth Process:

People can utilize u.s citizenship process by way of U.S birth as, under according to U.S law, “all people born on USA soil are granted USA citizenship automatically”. Some exceptions exist for sovereign state people of American native tribes and foreign diplomats. Here is a list of United states travel agents list in Pakistan.

Citizenship By Acquisition Process:

There are cases when certain people or children automatically qualify for U.S citizenship even if they were present outside USA at the time. Under this process you must complete conditions being 
Both parents being American citizens 
One parent is an American citizen
Parents being state citizen during child’s birth and resident of America. The child’s birth must be on or after November 14th, 1986, or after October 10th 1952, and before November 14th , 1986. One parent must be present in the USA for at least 5-10 years, including 2-5 years after the child’s 14th birthday.

Citizenship By Derivation:

Certain cases can allow people to gain citizenship through derivation. Children under the age of 18 who live with their American parents; they can derive their American citizenship through them if they are permanent residents. 
People who get citizenship through derivation do not attend naturalization ceremonies. Foreign-born children who are under the age of 18 get USA citizenship if the following conditions are met
Children or children must be lawful USA residents or green cardholders
One parent should be USA citizen 
Child to reside in the USA state under citizen custody

Citizenship By Naturalization:

The process through which foreign nationals who were not born in America voluntary obtain U.S citizenship. Naturalization process for U.S citizen application; requirements must be completed as follows

Naturalization Eligibility :

To be eligible for naturalization for obtaining U.S citizenship, you should 
Be 18 years at the time of naturalization application
Resident for the last three or five years 
Have continuous stay or residence in the U.S
Can write and speak basic English language 
Uphold good moral character
Understands U.S.A government and history
Loyal towards U.S Constitution principles 
Willing to carry out Oath of Allegiance 

Additional Requirements For U.S Citizenship:

You must also adhere to the following requirements in addition to years waiting time
No trip of six months ore more outside America during application
Must be a resident of the state for a minimum of three months for naturalization application
Must pass English and civics test for naturalization 
Must be voluntarily willing to perform civil service or U.S military when demanded
Must get yourself registered with Selective Service System being male from 18-25 age group. 

Common Categories for Naturalization:

Some of the most common categories for naturalization under u.s citizenship requirements for green card holders are as under
Green Card Holder 
According to the u.s citizenship requirement for green card holders, you can forward your case for naturalization after spending a minimum of five years while also physically being in America for period of 30 months. 
Married To U.S Citizen
You can obtain American citizenship by holding green card after spending three years time period minimum with your American spouse while being resident in USA for minimum period of 18 months. Your spouse must be U.S citizen for a period of three years.
Widower Case 
You can obtain U.S citizenship if you are a widow of an American citizen who has died during their service in U.S military. Applicant must live with U.S.A citizen at his death or passing while having a green card. Read how to get Asylum visa or refugee visa.
Served U.S Military (Peacetime) for:
One year 
You can obtain U.S citizenship if you have worked with U.S military for one year minimum during peacetime.  You do not need green card to apply for this case.
Less than one year
You can obtain U.S citizenship after five years of being green card holder while also living in the U.S for 30 months minimum.
One year (filing after six months separation) 
You can obtain and apply for U.S citizenship after five years possessing green card while being present in U.S.A for time period of 30 months minimum. 
Any Period for wartime
You can get American citizenship anytime and need not be green card holder while being resident in the U.S.

American Citizenship Tests:

Foreign applicants must qualify in an american citizenship test as follows
English Test
The applicants' knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking basic English is tested. The test will be carried during your immigration process interview. The immigration officer will decide whether you qualify for the test.
Civics Test
Applicants may be asked 10 questions regarding U.S history or government. Applicants must answer six questions correctly to qualify. 
U.S. Citizenship Fee
Applicants must cover the u.s citizenship fee being $725, including $85 for biometric and $640 for processing costs.  Military people have an exemption from the processing and biometric fee. Senior people being 75 years or older are exempted from biometric fees. 

Time Period For U.S Citizen Application

The period for U.S citizenship application usually depends on the case of citizenship you apply for. The most common method is naturalization which after you fill out and complete the N-400 form, the procedure can take from a minimum of 6 months to 14 months. 

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