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Umrah on Installment is a great facility for those who want to do Umrah, but they cannot provide an overall fee at a time but can provide in installments. Umrah on Installment can be achieved by consent/ agreement of bank or travel agency which offers the facility of Umrah on Installment in Pakistan. Places to visit for ziarat in Makkah.
For example, Meezan Bank provides Umrah on Installment through their Labaik Travel Scheme in which they offer several kinds of Umrah Packages, once you complete the application form and chosen Umrah Package, you will have to pay some amount of that Umrah Package. Then you can go to Umrah. After returning from Umrah, you will have to pay the remaining payment in installments until 12 months.
Meezan Bank is an Islamic Bank and so, they claim to provide these Umrah Packages on Installment as Hilal and Riba Free (interest-free). You need to visit the nearest bank which provides this facility. (Until the bank doesn't approve you, you cannot go for Umrah). Umrah Installment in Pakistan rates differ according to the duration of the Umrah Package 2019 you selected. If you get Installment Umrah Packages offered by a bank, you will not need the help of the travel agency. All the visa procedures and services will be completed by Bank. For approval, you will need to submit all the documents in that bank along with some fee of the Umrah Package.
Meezan Bank offers accommodation in 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star hotels of Makkah and Madinah. It also will provide you flight tickets (subject to seat availability) and thus you will not have to go through the confusions of buying Umrah ticket. Cheakout the Umrah ticket prices 2019 Pakistan. It will provide you transport on the bus if there is a group going with you through the bank. Ziarat of sacred places of Makkah and Madinah is also available if you request Meezan bank officials about it. In all 12 months, there is absolutely no markup rate (0% MUP).


Bank Rates of Umrah on Installment in Pakistan:

If you are a salaried person, Meezan bank will get 25% of the installment Umrah package fee as a "Down Payment" or you can say it "a little part of the fee in advance". The further remaining 75% of Umrah Package fee will be divided into 12 equal installments which you can pay back in one year, after performing Umrah. (For Hajj Installment Packages there are different rules). Different banks may offer different percentages of Umrah package fees which you will have to pay as per the time you are provided by them. In Meezan bank, you are given a full year (12 months) to submit the fee in installments.
Like almost all Islamic Banks of Pakistan, Al Baraka Islamic Bank also offers Umrah on Installment. It will give you the time of 6 to 12 months to payback the Installments after performing Umrah. Umrah Scheme by Al Baraka Bank also doesn't charge any interest/ Riba. Just provide documents to the bank along with "Down payment" and the bank will forward your documents for the visa procedure and other deals.
After your visa is issued, you can perform Umrah and you can pay the remaining fee after coming back from Umrah. You can pay all the installments together if you suddenly get a good financial position and you will not be charged any extra fee for this.
In the Umrah Packages with installments offered by Al Baraka Islamic Bank, you will not get flight tickets and food facilities. You will have to buy these on your own. Other facilities are included such as Ziarat, transport, hotel accommodation, etc. 
These Umrah Packages with interest-free installments are the best for those who cannot afford the expenses of Umrah at one time. Another benefit is that Banks are reliable which can work for you and are equal to approved travel agents. People shouldn't go to unapproved travel agencies because they can create problems or can be fake, and even sometimes they are unable to get a visa for you. So, banks are the best trusted and can provide you financial leniency in the shape of submission of the Umrah fee in installments.
You can easily get these Umrah Installment packages in 2019 specially in the cities where Islamic Banks or their branches are located. However, various options can be available in big cities. Get Umrah on Installment in Islamabad, Umrah Installment Plan Lahore, Umrah on Installment in Karachi and in many other cities of Pakistan at cheapest rates with installments and take the benefit of these best services offered by Islamic Banks.
Note: Banks have a small documents’ processing fee (750 PKR to 3000 PKR) which you will have to pay and is nonrefundable. Banks have hands joined with approved travel agencies who process the Umrah visa and other services for you.

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