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Abu Dhabi Golden Visa Are You Eligible


Abu Dhabi Golden Visa:

The government of Abu Dhabi starts a Thrive in Abu Dhabi program to promote a long-term Golden Visas and a pathway to citizenship for foreign talent working, creative tasks, studying, and investing, etc. in specialties and key sectors in Abu Dhabi. Get visa information for ant country from Pakistan.
Candidates from around the world are eligible for this program. The deserving candidates will be offered visas for up to ten years. People who come under the categories including investors, entrepreneurs, students with promising scientific ability, and people with special talent are eligible for this Golden Visa Program.Abu Dhabi is a place that offers a unique lifestyle, a diverse population, multi-cultures, and a lot of career opportunities. So, living, working, and investing in Abu Dhabi under the Golden Visa category can be a thriving opportunity. A list of best visa agents 2021 in Paskiatn.
The following is the detail of the categories that are prescribed for the Golden Visa. All the categories are described along with the complete eligibility criteria to make the applicants know whether they are eligible for this option or not. 



Visa Category




  • Investors
  • Real Estate Investors 



  • Entrepreneurs


Students with Promising Scientific Ability

  • High School Students University Graduates


Special Talent

  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Creative persons (Art and Culture)
  • Innovators
  • Executive Directors
  • Educators (in priority fields)
  • Sports
  • PhD Holders
  • Engineers

1. Investor Visas:

Abu Dhabi offers two types of golden Visas for the category of investors: 
Investor Visa:People who are interested to invest in non-real estate projects and companies come under this visa type.
Real Estate Investor Visa:This visa type is valid for people who want to invest in real estate in Abu Dhabi.

2. Entrepreneur Visas :

Entrepreneurs are offered a 5-year visa in case of fulfilling one or more of the below-given requirements: 
Proof of an existing project with a worth of at least AED 500,000. 
Proof of approval of a recognized business incubator in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

3. Student Visas: 

Abu Dhabi offers two types of students Golden Visas and these are mentioned below: 
High School Students: Top-performing students with promising scientific ability are offering a five-year Golden Visa under some specific requirements.
University Graduate Students:For highly qualified university graduates Abu Dhabi is offering a 10-year Golden Visa under some particular requirements.

4. Special Talent Visas:

Abu Dhabi is offering 10-year Golden Visas to persons with special talents. There are nine categories are allocated for persons with special talents and these are listed below: 
1. Doctors 
2. Scientists 
3. Creative persons (Art and Culture) 
4. Innovators 
5. Executive Directors 
6. Educators (in priority fields) 
7. Sports 
8. PhD Holders 
9. Engineers
Note: For all other updates and information applicants are advised to contact the Abu Dhabi Embassy and other authorized organizations to complete the applications. 

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