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Find The Best Tourist Cities In Pakistan For The Summer Holidays


The summer season is going on and travel fond are planning for the summer holidays right now. If you are also one of them who are on vacation and are eager to start a journey but a little bit confused in choosing the best tourist cities in Pakistan for the summer holidays, then you are in the right place now. Here we come with the best cities that can be explored to make this summer season more fascinating and memorable for you. Have look for world tour packages from Pakistan here.

Islamabad City :

Do you have short summer vacations and want to make them adventurous, then the Islamabad tour in 2021 is the best option for you. You can reach Islamabad within less time and, at the same time, can explore multiple tourist spots under one city. In the summer season, the highest temperature of Islamabad city is calculated at 38 degrees. However, the average lower temperature is at 24 degrees. Moreover, the places like Faisal Masjid, Damn e Koh, Monal restaurant, and Lake View Park, etc. all collectively make the city wonderful and amazing. Get best tour packages for Islamabad.


Peshawar City :

Peshawar city is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is one of the well-renowned cities of Pakistan. If you have more time and enough budget to spend on your summer holidays then our best recommendation for you to visit Peshawar city in 2021.  As being a center of Gadara civilization and ruled by many nations, Peshawar city also shows several historical and cultural perspectives. The average temperature of Peshawar city falls between 26 to 40 degrees in the summer season. While having the best Peshawar city tour packages 2021 one can have the opportunity to explore several tourist spots in which Bala Hisar Fort, Jamrud Fort, Shahghai Fort, Wazir Bagh Gardens, Warsak Dam, and many others are listed. Book best tour packages in Pakistan. 

Mingora :

Mingora city is located in the Swat district which is known as the best tourist spot in Pakistan. Because of the lush green fields, the highest peaked mountain, freshwater lakes, and the stunning swat river, the place attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year to visit. We find the places crowded with tourists, especially in the summer vacations. You can also choose the best Mingora city tour packages 2021 to make your summer holidays memorable and amazing.

Mansehra City :

Mansehra is the capital city of the Mansehra district. The district is replete with several tourist spots. We can say with surety that you will forget the previous ones while having a look at the next tourist spots in the Mansehra districts. Mansehra city or district allows visitors to explore the Kaghan and Naran Valley without visiting which your travel history in Pakistan cannot be accomplished. So, try to choose the best Naran Kaghan tour packages in 2021 to accomplish your traveling history in this summer season. Moreover, you can get the chance to explore Lake Saif ul Malook which is called by the tourists a piece of heaven on earth.  

Haripur District | Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Khanpur Dam is a dam located on the Haro River in Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about 50 km from Islamabad. The city is well-known for its most beautiful places in which the Khanpur Dam is the most popular one. Khanpur dam has always been a central point in the list of the best summer holiday packages by many tourist agencies. Khanpur offers the opportunities to explore the orange Lake Resort, Khanpur Dam Spillway, Gandhara Castle Resort, and many other sites that all are enough to offer you a memorable summer trip. We recommend you explore several Khanpur tour packages 2021 and select the best one to bring an incredible traveling experience to your life. 

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