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Yes, you can wear comfortable shoes during Umrah through which you can walk easily in Tawaf and Sa'ee. According to many narrations, one can wear any kind of footwear during Umrah which does not cover the ankle. Footwear not allowed during Umrah includes Khuffs, shoes that cover your ankle and those shoes which can make injury to other peoples' feet while you are walking for Tawaf or Sa'ee. You can come with those shoes from your country.
According to some Ahadith, Umrah performers are not allowed to wear "Khuffs", a kind of leather shoes covering all the feet and a few inches of the leg along with it. Umrah Performers can wear any type of shoes which do not cover their ankle. Read official requirements to perform Umrah.


Performing Tawaf and Prayer in Shoes for Umrah:

A man can do Tawaf with or without shoes. Better if you do Tawaf with bare feet. But if you find it better to do Tawaf with shoes, then make sure while entering Masjid Al Haram, that those shoes are clean. Umrah performers can also pray while wearing clean shoes. Cleanliness of body, soul, ihram, and shoes is mandatory for the spiritual journey of Umrah and Hajj. Read all Dua during Umrah here.


Shoes to Wear in Umrah:

The most preferred Umrah shoes for ladies are slippers and sandals. They should not wear those shoes which become “slippery” as they will make it difficult to walk comfortably for them. Women can wear sneakers during Umrah because covering their feet is the part of Hijab for them. But both women and men should try to abstain from shoes with laces during Umrah because they will have to wear them and wear them off (while doing Wudhu etc.) which will take their time and concentration. Read about 10 cheapest Umrah packages in Pakistan.
Sandals (shoes having a normal strap above the upper part of the toes and behind the upper part of the heel) are allowed to wear during Umrah. So, wear shoes during Umrah which do not make journey Umrah difficult for you or for others. Women can wear shoes and socks during Umrah which can fully cover their feet, it is permitted for them. But there are some rules for men. Men cannot wear socks or shoes covering the ankle.

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