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The government of Saudi Arabia has informed the Muslims to not make the plans about Hajj 2020. There is still no confirmation about the annual hajj taking place due to the deadly coronavirus.
The coronavirus has affected countries all over the globe. The virus is spreading rapidly from one country to another country. Many counties have imposed a ban on traveling to control the spread of the virus. Several precautionary measures have been also being taken to prevent this contagious virus.

Saudi Government Latest Announcement about Hajj 2020:


Latest News About Hajj 2020


The Saudi government told the Muslims to wait about the final decision of the kingdom on Hajj 2020. Minister for Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia, Dr Muhammad Salih bin Taher Banten, said, that the Muslim countries that do not need to rush to the plans of Hajj 2020. This step is taken to in the regard safety of pilgrims. They further said that their ministry of health has made an inspection tour to evaluate the safety of the hotels that are utilized for health isolation. It was done to ensure that all the appropriate services will be provided to the pilgrims
According to the Latest News about Hajj 2020, the kingdom officials have informed Pakistan that not to sign any agreement associated with the upcoming Hajj because of the uncertain situation of the coronavirus. They further informed that the situation of coronavirus is continuously monitored as if the situation gets better, it will be informed.Before this Pakistani Minister of Hajj and Umrah Rejects all Rumors About Hajj 2020.
In March, the application for the Hajj is submitted by the people. The Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony accepted the Hajj applications under the Hajj scheme to pick the selected candidates for the Hajj. Then the people later this year performed hajj. But this year the process of selecting the candidates for Hajj has been postponed. It is not confirmed that when will the process started again.Check the Best Umrah Packages from Pakistan.

Situation of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia:

10 deaths and 1,563 cases have been reported in Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi Arabia has already imposed restrictions and announced the Umrah Ban Due to Coronavirus. First, they ban Muslims from other countries to perform the Umrah. Later on, that does not allow their residents to offer religious rituals. The cleaning of the Kabba was done to avoid the infection of coronavirus. The flights have been canceled and people are not allowed to enter the cities of Makkah and Medina due to restrictions by the kingdom.

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