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Visiting Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a deep-rooted dream for most Muslims that at some point in their life must be satisfied. Shockingly, getting Economy Umrah Package and discovering facilities in Pakistan can be a significant overwhelming test for those of us that are not comfortable with the Umrah packages. Thankfully, today there are a couple of exceedingly regarded firms that have practical experience in giving comprehensive low-cost Umrah packages with accommodations in good hotels.
No doubt Umrah is one of the most blessed states of praying for a Muslim and it is a way to wash up your past sins and start a new life. Muslim once in his lifetime want to perform this holy Journey. People who are performing Umrah for the first time can face many difficulties in this Holy Journey. One of the biggest problems is to find a good hotel for accommodation. This is one of the most important things in your Umrah Journey is that your hotel should be near to Haram so you can perform all your prayers without any difficulty. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top cheap hotels in Makkah near Haram, so you can choose the best among them for this holy journey of yours.

1. Nawazi Ajyad Hotel

This is one of the most economical hotels in Makkah near Haram. The beauty of this hotel is that it fulfills all the standards of a top-class hotel and low price hotel in Makkah near haram, you will get all rooms with wooden floor and a private bathroom for your use. This is one of the best-furnished hotels near Makkah you will get and the hotel also provides the service of laundry and ironing. According to customer reviews, these Hotels seem very satisfactory and worth your visit.
  • Facilities
  • Free wifi
  • Room service
  • Special chairs for disabled guests
  • Front desk service 24 hours
  • Lift for every floor
  • Parking space.


2. Hilton Hotel Makkah:

Hilton is cheap hotel in Makkah near Kaaba situated near Haram near Kabootar wala chowk. The hotel is 15 stories and you can book it according to your needs. The total Capacity to entertain guests in this hotel is 2000+. If you have fewer people with you than you can book only one floor according to your needs. The hotel is situated reasonably away from crowded places so you can enjoy Peace but not that far away from the commercial area that you won’t have access to things of your need.
Features of Hilton hotel
  • The hotel Has a Total of 90 bedrooms which can hold over 2000 guests at a time.
  • It has attached bathrooms and one bathroom that is shared between two rooms but separated by the two doors.
  • Recently this is the only hotel in Makkah that has rated 5 stars in the last two consecutive years.  
  • Each floor has a sharing Lounge for the guests.
  • There is a Kitchen on Each floor of the Villa. 
  • Cook and staff are available 24 hours a day. 


3. Al Mustaf Hotel:

This Hotel is just a 10-minute drive away from Makkah road which means you have close access to everything from your apartment. This is one of the hotels around masjid al-haram which offers cheap hotel rent in Makkah. It is a quiet place to stay with beautiful Haram views.
Features of Human Resort Murree
  • This place has a capacity of 900 guests to stay.
  • It has 150 bedrooms with attached baths.
  • Free parking on premises
  • WIFI and staff available 24 hours a day.
  • Kitchen to cook a meal for yourselves.
  • Now, these three are one of the cheapest and closest hotels to haram that you can get.

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