New Ramadan Iftar Project guidelines Issued by Ministry of Islamic Affairs

27-Mar-2022 409

A recent statement from the Ministry of Islamic affairs department of Call and Guidance issued guidelines and regulations concerning certain organizations and non-governmental societies that come under the Ministry’s technical department’s supervision to implement iftar meal projects for the upcoming month of Ramadaan.

Iftar Meal Party Guidelines

According to the new guidelines, organizations who wish to carry out iftar parties must seek approval through applying applications from the Ministry of Islamic affairs. The Ministry of Islamic affairs advised that the institutions and organizations should carry out coordination with their respective mosque imams. Now you can book best umrah packages in ramadan.


The Ministry further stated that those individuals, associations and private societies who wish to hold their iftar parties must comply and adhere certain defined set of regulations and standard guidelines laid down by the Ministry as they should not be wasteful and extravagant during distributing Ramadan iftar meals.

The Ministry of Islamic affairs further clarified that competent authorities must comply with certain regulations and guidelines concerning the collection of donations, and it is mandatory for organizations to showcase their budget outlined expenditures and revenues, which certified chartered accountants must arrange.

License for Dawah Program

The Ministry also clarified that those organizations who wish to carry out certain dawa programs after their iftar projects must apply for a license from the authority in order to organize the program. The involved organizations would also need to get shop-licensed secure meals authorized by their municipality. If the organizations need to collect iftar meal donations, they must collect from Ministry-approved stores. Book your Umrah Package online.


The Ministry further stated that those organizations who wish to organize iftar parties in Ramadan tents must follow the Saudi authority standards and specifications. The organizations will need to acquire a permit from the Civil Defense department for their iftar camps while complying with the procedures and instructions laid down by the Islamic Ministry and concerned government authorities to handle possible emergency conditions.

The Ministry stated that these new guidelines and regulations are applicable towards associations and societies which do not come under the Ministry’s technical supervision concerning holding iftar meal parties or projects in various mosques and regions of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

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