Kalash valley is one of the natures marvels in Pakistan. The valley is replete with the beautiful and lush green fields, the mountainous areas, the streams of crystal clear water, and, above all, the amazing weather and climate are the reasons for the promotion of Kalash Tourism. Besides all these facts another one which can never be neglected is the festival celebration in Kalash valley. See here that what types of Kalash festivals are celebrated in Kalash valley and how you can be the part of these festivals. 
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1. Chilam Joshi Festival 

Chilam Joshi Festival is also known as a spring harvest festival because it is celebrated in the summer season near May in each year. The festival is celebrated for 04 to 06 days. The Rumber valley is the beginning point of this festival. People first gather at this valley and then the celebration move towards two other valleys. These valleys are included in Bumburat Valley and Birir valleys of Kalash. The main event which is celebrated through this festival is the prayer of the Kalash people to Almighty Allah to protect their crops. 
This celebration is also known as a thanks giving festival. People wear traditional clothes on the occasion of this festival and another beautiful custom of this festival is that the young boys and girls choose their life partners and loudly announce their name on the last day of the festival and get married at the last of the event. 

2. Uchal Festival: 

This is another summer festival which is celebrated in August. Kalash people have also set a date that every year on the 20th of August they celebrate this festival. It is said that this is the real festival that depicts the original culture of the Kalash valley. People offer prayer to Almighty Allah during this festival. They also become happy because of the marvels of the nature they have found in the Kalash valley. Moreover, the special purification activities are also performed during this festival. 
Kalash women and girls perform a special dance in the circle around the bonfire. The dance on the drumbeats and sing some local songs to add their entertainment and joys of the festival.     

3. Choimus Festival: 

This is a winter Kalash valley festival that celebrates by the people of Kalash Valley. The festival is arranged on the occasion of the New Year. People perform several types of purification activities on this occasion. The main reason for the celebration of this festival is to offer prayers to Almighty Allah and ask him for a blessed and safe year. 
During this festival people in groups chase the foxes and this is considered a good sign before going to start a New Year. People gather there for late-night, make dance, and fun, and they are also served with dinner and drinks around the bonfire.

4. Biramor Festival: 

This is a rare festival and most of the people of Kalash take it as an optional festival. The festival is celebrated in the winter season between November and December. During this festival people also make gatherings, wear new and ritual clothes, make dance, and enjoy the night dinner with their beloved ones. 
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5. Pul Festival: 

This is another beautiful festival which is celebrated by the people of Kalash. This Kalash valley festival is arranged in the autumn season in late September or in early October. It is also a historical event for the people of Kalash valley and they celebrate this festival with great ambitions and customs.

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Where the Kalash Festivals are considered as the ways for the people to make fun, at the same time, these festivals help in promoting Kalash tourism. Every year hundreds of people throughout the country move towards Kalash valley to celebrate these festivals. If you are also one of those longings for Kalash Valley Tour then you are invited by trips.pk, where you can find Kalash Valley Tour Packages from Lahore within a reasonable price range.