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Hajj and Umrah are known as Muslims’ Pilgrimages that are offered in the sacred places Mecca and Madina. Hajj is performed once a year and pilgrims can apply for Umrah applications multiple times in a year. Every year thousands of devotees and pilgrims perform Hajj and Umrah for their inner solace and religious satisfaction. Muslims throughout the world move towards Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. The travel requirements and restrictions for Hajj and Umrah may vary from the country of origin of the pilgrims. Pilgrims from some places are not asked for umrah visa price or they are not required to apply for the visa and other requirements, whereas, pilgrims from some specific areas go through several requirements to secure their application for Hajj and Umrah.

For Pakistani pilgrims, there are several requirements come to face to get Hajj and Umrah permissions. Here we come at to make the pilgrims from Pakistan able to know that what is new umrah visa fees, what is the Umrah Visa Price in Pakistan, and what the basic requirements for them are. However, those who are going to apply through travel agents and are asking whether they are required to get Hajj and Umrah visas with packages or without packages can get a complete idea that what are the best options for them. 

Umrah Visa Packages

Umrah Visa Packages

For Pakistani pilgrims, as we mentioned above, several requirements are necessary to obey. For example, they have to show a complete tour plan that what is the timeframe of their travel, when they would start and when they would come back, what documents are required to support their applications, etc.

Mostly, the pilgrims are not so familiar with the idea that how to prepare the visa application for Umrah, and due to lack of proper information, they may get rejections in their hajj and Umrah applications. In order to restrain them from rejection and other disturbances, they apply through travel agents. Here we would like to give you a generic idea that travel agents mostly ask the pilgrims to buy a complete package. The reason behind this endorsement is that they look for their advantages. While selling the only visa they can not get a heavy commission. However, while offering complete packages, the travel agents can get a better commission through hotel booking, transport facilities, and air tickets, etc.   

However, the applicants who can manage their Umrah packages on their own and can also apply for a visa application on their own they can do it by themselves. Whereas, those candidates who are not so familiar with the rules and regulations that how to process their application, are advised to choose the right travel agent and complete their files from that particular Umrah Travel Agent.

Umrah visa application

General Requirements For Hajj and Umrah

The following are the basic supporting documents or general requirements to apply for a safe Umrah visa application:

·        An original and complete Umrah or hajj visa application form.

·        Recent coloured photographs.

·        Valid travel document i.e. passport with at least 06 months validity.

·        A confirmed and non-refundable air ticket.

·        Women and children must provide their guardians such as husband, father, and any other male relative (Mahram).

·        A vaccination certificate not older than 10 days is also required.

When To Book Hajj and Umrah Packages

Here we would like to share some helpful tips and ideas to the pilgrims that what is the best time for them to apply for Umrah and Hajj Packages. Hajj performs annually and the timeframe to perform Hajj is specific. So, for the Hajj ceremony, a specific application process runs, and pilgrims under certain criteria apply for Hajj and perform it. On the other hand, Umrah comes with a different process.

Devotees can apply for Umrah application anytime throughout the year. The best time to apply for Umrah is to apply just after ending the Hajj season. The reason behind this endorsement is that one after the completion of the Hajj season you can easily find the Umrah packages because there are lots of opportunities are available for hotels, air tickets, transports, and all other requirements can easily be fulfilled during this timeframe.

Choose The Best Hajj and Umrah Packages

Hajj and Umrah packages vary from facilities to facilities. If you are going to get the complete package including visa, air ticket, hotel booking, transportation, and food, etc. then the Umrah and Hajj Packages will be expensive. On the other hand, the packages with far off accommodation from the destination, without transportation facility, and without meal facilities, etc. are, somehow, cheap. But for standard Umrah and Hajj packages, almost all the above-mentioned requirements are necessary. These requirements make this holy tour complete and comfort.

Hajj and Umrah Service

What is the Best Hajj and Umrah Service

Here we come with a suggestion for our users that they have to go through a registered and a professional travel agent to make their Umrah or Hajj application safe and secure. Well, before going to apply for your application keep in mind the following things that will make you able to know whether the agent is the best for you or not:

Easy Paper Work: The best travel agency always makes the paperwork easy for the pilgrims and they do not ask for extra charges to complete your file and paperwork.

Arrange A Package According To The Financial Status: A good travel company always takes care of the financial status of the pilgrims and offer the best Umrah and hajj tour packages according to the requirements of the pilgrims.

Accommodation And Transportation: For Hajj and Umrah ceremonies accommodation and transportation are the main factors that affect your tour. The best travel agency always takes care of the users to provide the best accommodation and transportation facilities.

Profile/Record of Travel Agents: While keeping in view all the above-mentioned ideas users must have another main idea in the mind that they have to check the previous working record of the travel agents. We find several travel agents that look good but they are, actually, scammers. So, check the previous records that how much the users are satisfied with the services of the particular travel agency that you are going to choose.   

Find The Best Packages at

Are you looking for the best Hajj and Umrah packages and want to know the Umrah Visa price in Pakistan, then you can find the complete consultancy regarding Hajj and Umran festivals. At the same time, you can also find the best travel agents who will make it easy to apply a safe and secure Umrah or Hajj application.

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