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Top 10 Best Sellers and Famous Pakistan Tour Packages


Are you looking to spend this summer season in amazing activities but haven’t selected any better opportunity yet? Well, you are invited by where you can get several ideas to make your summer season fascinated and memorable. Yes! Here we have discussed different activities and tours that all are best on their own. Choose any of the best activities and tours according to your choice and make your coming summer season amazing.  


1. Three Days Tour to Cholistan Jeep Rally By Globe Chazer:

Glob Chazer is a Lahore-based tourist and travelling agency. The agency deals in the local as well as the international tours. In every single season, the tourist agency offers the best and affordable tours to Travel enthusiasts. For this summer season, the agency is offering 3 Days Tour to Cholistan Jeep Rally.
Tour Description 
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • The tour will depart from Lahore 
  • Tourists will reach Bahawalpur at first 
  • Tourists will visit Lalshorna national park and Noor Mahal
  • After an overnight stay in Bahawalpur, the tour will go back. 


2. Hindu Kush Snow Festival Madaklasht 2021:

Find My Adventure is offering this wonderful or adventurous tour package. This is one of the best tourist guides or agencies that is based in Lahore. The agency comes with fantastic tours under reasonable prices or budgets. Throughout the year the tours are arranged. This tour is the best activity to make your summer season memorable. 
Tour Description
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • This is a four-day tour
  • The tour will reach Nagar Fort during the first day and Dinner and night stay will be done at Nagar Fort
  • Second and third-day activities are comprised of breakfast, ice hockey snow match, ski competition at the ski slope, lunch, snow trekking, dinner & BBQ, night stay at Madaiklasht, and many other amazing activities. 
  • During the 4th day, many activities will be done including curling snow matches, ski competitions, and at night the tour will return to Islamabad. 


3. Lahore Ariel Joy Ride Aircarft Tour Packages:

Those who love Lahore and want to have an Ariel view of Lahore, this is the wonderful and amazing opportunity for them that is arranged by Find My Adventure, A Lahore-based traveling agency. You can get the chance to see the scenic views of Lahore's crowded areas easily and can also get the chance of amazing photography. Get aircarft tour packages for Lahore.
Tour Description  
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • The standard route of this trip will cover the areas including;
  • Gulberg 
  • Model Town 
  • Garden Town 
  • Cavalry 
  • DHA and surrounding areas 
  • All these are the main areas of Lahore city. However, if you want to extend your trip then the following areas can also be added to this trip; 
  • Old City 
  • Badshahi Mosque 
  • Minar-E-Pakistan 
  • Goes up to Hiran Minar Shekhupura 


4. One Day Trip To Walled City Lahore:

This tour is also arranged by Fine My Adventure. Walled city Lahore is an amazing place to visit to know the actual tradition, culture, or lifestyle of Lahore city. You can get many historical places to visit, at the same time, you can get the chance to visit the traditional bazaars, architecture, and many other activities. 
Tour Description 
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • During this 1 day tour the following places will be covered: 
  • Visit Delhi Gate 
  • Visit Shahi Hammam 
  • Visit Wazir Khan Mosque 
  • Walk around the old streets of Lahore 
  • Drive around the gates of Lahore in a Rangeela Rikshaw 
  • Visit Badshahi Mosque 
  • Visit Lahore Fort


5. Para Motor Ride Tour Packages:

Once again we come with the Find My Adventure. This travel agency comes with different recreational or traveling activities throughout the year. This is the reason that the travel agency falls under the top 10 best sellers or travel agents of Pakistan. Paramotor ride is one of the best activities arranged by Find My Travel. 
Tour Description
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • Visitors will make a meetup at Kallar Kahar
  • Soon the ride will start
  • Almost 5 minutes flight will be offered to the travelers
However, if you want then you can extend your flight 


6. Paragliding In Khanpur Islamabad:

This is another activity arranged by Find My adventure. This is a wonderful way to make your summer season adventurous. Get best packages for Paraglinding.
Tour Description 
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • In at early morning, the tour will depart from Islamabad
  • In the late morning, the tour will arrive in Khanpur
  • Soon visitors will reach the paragliding area
  • At first, they will be provided sufficient training
  • At the end of the training, paragliding will be started


7. Camping At Lahooti Melo:

Out of the best activities that you can do during this summer, this camping activity is the major one. This offers visitors a great time to spend. This is the best opportunity for the people who are closed to literature and literary activities because people can get the experience of interesting poetry and art activities. Get best camping tour packages.
Event Description 
  • The following is the detail of the event: 
  • In the evening of the selected day, the tour will arrive at Mehran Univerity Jamshoro 
  • The event will be comprised of many activities including festivals, music, talk shows, and stargazing 
  • Overnight stay will be done there
  • The next morning, the festival or event will end 


8. One Day Tour to Khanpur Dam with Water Sports Activities:

Out of the best tour agencies or agents, Tour Buddies are the most renowned one. This is a Lahore-based traveling agency that comes with remarkable tours and adventurous activities.  
Tour Description 
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • This is a one day tour and will allow visitors to perform several activities including;
  • Jet Ski (One Standard Round) 
  • Cliff Diving (Unlimited Jumps During 1 Hour) 
  • Zipline Archery 
  • Boating With Proper Trainers and Support Staff 
  • Photography 
1-time breakfast 
1-time dinner 


9. Camping At Mubarak:

Have you ever heard the name of Pals Outdoor? If yes then you know the traveling advent ours they offered.However, if you haven’t heard them before then you are provided a brief introduction of them that because of amazing traveling activities and to organize other events the company is listed among the best tour or travel agents in Pakistan. Book best camping tour packages for vacation.
Tour Description 
  • The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • Mubarak is a village where the camping event is the best option. 
  • The tour will start from Karachi and it will take a short time to reach the destination
  • You can spend as much time as you need to be charmed. 


10. Eight Days Tour To Hunza Skardu Deosai And Shigar Valley:

Falcon club is another name in offering the best adventurous tours. If you have ample time to spend summer vacations then you are recommended to select this given tour by Falcon Club. You can cover many northern areas including Hunza, Skardu, Deosai Shigar, and some other valleys.
Tour Description 
The following is the detail of the tour: 
  • During first day you can cover Mansehra, Naran, Lulusar, Babusar Top, and Chilas
  • At the end of the second day, you will cover Altit Fort, Eagle nest point and will reach Hunza
  • On the 3rd day, you will cover Atabad lake, Sust, Pasu, Khunjrab pass.
  • 4th day will cover upper and lower Kachura Lake
  • Manthora waterfall, Shigar Valley, and Shigar desert will be covered in 5th day
  • The areas of Deosai will be covered during the 6th day
  • 7th day the tour will drive back to Chilas 
  • And during the 8th day, the tour will come back to Islamabad

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