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Every year, millions of Muslims perform pilgrimage or Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. There are local as well as foreigner pilgrims are gathered in Mecca and other holy destinations. Read how many people do Hajj annually.  As we know that there are millions of people gather there and, unfortunately, there are some incidents every year occurred which results in the deaths of the pilgrims. Here we are going to discuss briefly how many people, on a yearly basis, die in Saudi Arabia. Well, there is no average come to see. Death comes naturally and, sometimes, it results in some unconditional and unexpected incidents. Here we are going to discuss some major incidents that have been seeing for the last many years and following discussion is comprised of these incidents: 
July 2nd, 1990: Inside the pedestrian tunnel, which is running out from Mecca towards Mina, a stampede became the reason for the deaths of 1,426 pilgrims. Out of these pilgrims, most of them belonged to Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia origins. 
May 23rd, 1994: over 270 pilgrims killed through a stampede and the incident happened during the event of the stoning of the devil. 
April 9th, 1998: 118 pilgrims were killed and almost 180 become injured during an incident that happened on Jamaraat Bridge. 
March 5th, 2001: A stampede became the reason for deaths of almost 35 pilgrims and the incident happened during the ritual of the stoning of the devil. 
February 11th, 2003: 14 pilgrims died during the ritual of stoning of the devil by sudden misfortune.
February 1st, 2004: Almost 244 pilgrims were injured and at least 251 died through a stampede during the stoning ritual at Mina. 
January 22nd, 2005: During the stoning ritual at Mina a stampede became the reason for the deaths of 03 pilgrims. 
January 12th, 2006: There was an incident occurred which became the reason for 346 deaths of the pilgrims in Mina and almost 289 were injured and the incident happened through a stampede. According to an analysis, there were millions of people performing pilgrimage there. 
September 24th, 2015: There was another sorrowful incident happened which became the reason for the deaths of almost 2236 pilgrims. However, later the report was updated according to which 2411 pilgrims died during these incidents. 
However, this is an analysis which is showing the rate of deaths of the pilgrims, throughout the world, due to the unconditional or unexpected accidents. Well, there are some reasons have also seen which became the reasons for death of the pilgrims. These reasons are included in fires, protests, violence, airplane crashes, diseases, and some other related issues.
However, all those pilgrims who are willing to go to the pilgrimage we pray for their safe journey. At the same time, we would also like to make the pilgrimage aware of all the misfortunes that can happen during your holy journey. So, you are to be advised at first to take a complete guide regarding your safe holy journey from us and then you are also to be recommended to take our services in order to apply for the best Umrah and Hajj packages from different main cities and areas of Pakistan.     


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