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Going from Pakistan? All the major destinations of the world that you can fly to under 1 Lakh"
Traveling to abroad is often deemed as extravagant voyage which is only possible if one has tremendous amount of money. People generally vanquish their desire of traveling because of financial inadequacy. But this widespread belief that traveling is expensive has to be reconsidered as there are many countries where Pakistanis can travel under 1 Lakh PKR. Yes you read it right, the world is expanding and there are opportunities to be explored by doing proper and thorough research of options. Now spending your summer vacation in abroad, your wish to visit a distant land, experiencing diverse culture and site seeing is all possible. Visiting the following list of countries is possible under 1 Lakh PKR:


The roundtrip ticket to Thailand costs approximately 70, 000+ with three months visit visa charges costing nearly 5000 PKR. Under 1 Lakh PKR you get to visit this amazing country, its northern hills stations, Buddhist temples, small islands and taste the amazing Thai food. The hotels in Thailand are also inexpensive that offer affordable deals to travelers. 


The east meets west culture, heritage, historical sites and scenic landscape of Turkey is worth exploring in your vacations. The roundtrip ticket to Turkey will cost around 70,000+ PKR and the cost of visa is not added in this amount. On average, you can plan your trip to Turkey under 1 Lakh PKR; there are all kinds of hotels in Turkey, you can book a cheap cost hotel room before departing from Pakistan. Read more about Turkey here.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka has lush green sceneries, Yala national park, scared ancient temples and the iconic Adam’s peak that serves as its tourist attraction. The roundtrip ticket to Sri Lanka will cost you around 65,000 PKR with around 3,000 visit visa cost. Under 1 Lakh PKR, you can plan your trip to Sri Lanka and explore its unique and amazing culture and traditions.  Flight schedule from Karachi Colombo here.


It is one of our top pick among the list because of its lavish natural beauty, affordable hotel packages, and exquisite beach resorts, incredible marble mountains, visit the marvel of large mazes and tunnels and ancient temples. The round trip economy class ticket to Vietnam from Islamabad will cost you around 60,000 PKR. 


The Tremendous Malaysia has developed its cities in the manner of European standards but kept its centuries old culture and traditions alive. This amazing country has towering skyscrapers, ancient temples and stone caves, comfy beach resorts, marine life adventures, thick forests, high peaks and much more. It is truly a tourist’s paradise. From Pakistan to Malaysia, the roundtrip economy class ticket will cost around 70,000+ with nearly 9000PKR visit visa cost.  Under 1 Lakh PKR you can plan your tour to Malaysia.


Let’s not underestimate our distant neighbors; Nepal is not less of a beautiful tourist spot. Its natural beauty is awe inspiring, climate is idyllic, has historic royal sites, and national parks to visit the big cats, and the fascinating Mount Everest is there, Top 10 highest peaks in Pakitsan. Experience Buddhist culture from close and meeting the amiable locals. The round trip economy class ticket to Nepal from Karachi will cost around 70,000+ and other expenses of visa fee will be nearly 10,000 PKR.  


Azerbaijan has relaxing and laid back vibe rather than adventurous and spontaneous. Located near the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has sandy beaches, historic old cities of medieval era with castles and museums, modern day shopping centers and malls and much more. The round trip economy class ticket of Azerbaijan will cost around 50,000 or less depending on the airline you choose. 

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