The novel coronavirus is spreading across the world, affecting one country after the other. Various governments have imposed restrictions on their people to protect them against the virus. The new epicenter of the coronavirus Europe has reported hundreds of death in a single day. They, later on, they decided a lockdown to control the prevalence of the virus. In the same way, many other countries have also followed the same way.
Now Pakistan is partially lockdown to save people from this outbreak, Government of Pakistan stress upon the concept of Social Distancing, so in this Article We discuss Why Social Distancing is A Big Failure in Pakistan.
In Sindh there is a strict curfew, its major aim is to minimize the interaction among the people and also promote the Social Distancing During Coronavirus. The COVID-19 cases are still rising in the country. The health experts and doctors alongside governmental officials are stressing on the Importance of Social Distancing and Precautions of Coronavirus.
The citizens need to maintain a particular distance from other people to protect themselves from getting infected by the disease. Although due to lock down the number of coronavirus cases has been reduced to some extent.

Why it is impossible in Pakistan?


social distancing during coronavirus

People Living in Slum Areas:

Most people are living in joint families that include more or less 20 people in the same house under one roof, and the people living in the slum areas. It leads to the sharing of living spaces.
The people living in the slum areas share the main entrance and staircases and it brings the people to close contact and it is impossible to maintain the social distancing.

People Living in Joint Families:

Considering the example of joint families it is very difficult to maintain the distance from each other. It might be considered as the symbol of dishonor and disrespect. If they refuse to have meals together, share the items of cloth and country might create problems in the family.
It is sometimes become hard to make the elders understand the importance of Social Distancing during Coronavirus, although it is considered as the precautionary measure against this virus.

Families having Low Income:

Families having a low income have only one member to earn. He has to step out of the house to do work. It will automatically make him interact with other people. So it is very difficult to impose Social Distancing during COVID-19.
Moreover, all the educational institutes and the offices also have been closed due to the Current Situation of Coronavirus in Pakistan. If the lockdown is not in place than the families will visit the friends and their relatives and cause the spreading of the virus instead of controlling it.
A curfew or lockdown can be considered as an option in other countries to control the coronavirus but it is somehow hard in Pakistan. Police officials will not be able to stop the people living in slums to come out from their houses and they have to earn for their families. In the same way, they do not force the joint families to live separately. 
social distancing during coronavirus

Social Distancing Guidelines:

The situation of coronavirus is getting worse day by day so people need to follow the social distancing guidelines. A lockdown is only the option because after implementing it, there will be a chance to contain the virus. All public gatherings should be banned. 
All the offices should facilitate their employees so that they can work from home. Ensure the distribution of daily wagers. In addition to the lockdown practice the good hygiene and prevent the spread of the virus.