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Each airline has different rules about how much luggage is allowed during Umrah Visa. When you will get your flight ticket for Umrah, you will find information written on it, about luggage allowance during Umrah.
Some airlines have only a free baggage allowance while others also allow taking additional baggage with you without any charges. For example, Saudi Arabia and British Airways allow Zamzam water as additional baggage while many other airlines treat it as part of the overall baggage allowance. But these all allowances are free till a limit if your luggage has extra weight than the fixed limit set by the airline, you can be charged with a high amount for extra luggage.


Luggage Allowance During Umrah:

Saudia Airlines baggage allowance 2019:
Saudia Airlines allow Economy class to take up to 2 bags of 23kg (50 lbs.) as a free baggage allowance. The first-class and business class can take 2 bags of 32kg (70 lbs.) as a free baggage allowance. But if the person is patient of renal failure, he/ she is allowed to take 3 or 4 bags of 32kg (70lbs) belonging to any class. 
You should confirm the luggage information from your travel agency as well as the airline because these rules tend to change according to the need. In Hajj days, usually more luggage is allowed but if you exceed its fixed limit, you can be charged heavily for your extra luggage.A fixed limit of luggage is allowed to take with yourself during Umrah. Zamzam water is part of your free checked-in baggage. If your suitcase/ luggage overweighs, you will be allowed to rearrange your baggage until it reaches the allowable weight. If you cannot adjust than the final solution is that you will have to pay the extra 60 USD. If weight is even higher than charges could be even more than 60 USD. Read zamzam water rules 2019.
The dimensions of your suitcase/ baggage should be not more than the limits set by authorities. For example, Saudia Airlines have set the dimensions of baggage as 62 inches (158 cm) for international flights. It is better that your baggage has at least one flat surface. Regular shaped travel baggage is good for Umrah travel. Round and irregular shaped baggage is not allowed. These all rules have been implemented to make check-in procedures fast, easy and secure. 

Unchecked Carry-on Baggage Allowance During Umrah:

According to the rules of Saudi Airlines' hand baggage allowance international, hand Bag is allowed to carry, and it is part of free unchecked baggage (also called carry-on baggage). The hand-bag allowance also has some rules. For Economy class Umrah passengers, bag weight in Umrah 2019 up to 7kg bag (1 piece only) is allowed to carry having dimensions not more than 56 X 45 X 25 (cm).
Hand Bag weight in Umrah for business class/ first class is 9 kg (1 bag only) with dimensions of the bag not more than 56 X 45 X 25 (cm). Other things part of free unchecked luggage are:
An overcoat/ wrap
An Umbrella
A pair of binoculars
A small camera
Ladies handbag (for ordinary usage only)
A fully collapsible wheel-chair for disables
Electronic devices (charged, power-on). Power-off devices can get confiscated or banned. However, you can charge them there and you will be permitted to carry them.
Note: The information on baggage stated above is for international passengers (especially those belonging to Asia) coming for Umrah.

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