Pakistan New Low-Cost Airline Fly Jinnah

27-Oct-2022 395

A new budget friendly airline by the name of “Fly Jinnah” is starting operations in Pakistan from 1st November. The new airline is part of a joint venture between the Air Arabia(Middle East and North Africa Carrier) and Pakistan’s Lakson Group. The new airline will be operating initially on Pakistan’s four domestic local routes. Book flight at best rates.
Fly Jinnah airline had recently acquired its airfare operations certificate and is carrying out final required preparations for successful launch. Furthermore, the airline has undertaken all steps involving airfare operations to ensure readiness and safety for its flight operations.
The Fly Jinnah airline had recently acquired AOC (Air Operator certificate) and AOL (Air Operating License). PCAA (Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority) provided Fly Jinnah the public transport license the previous year after the federal government gave approval. 

Start of Flight Operations:

Fly Jinnah will begin its initial test flight operations from Karachi Jinnah International airport to Islamabad international airport on 31st October using Airbus A320-200. From 1st November onwards the airline will be providing its services to other cities of Pakistan.
The Fly Jinnah Airline will provide flights operating from Karachi International Airport to Islamabad International Airport, Lahore Allama Iqbal Airport, Peshawar International Airport and Quetta International Airport. The initial airfare price has been set to Rs. 13,999/- along with 10kg baggage allowance and free inflight entertainment services. 

Fly Jinnah Routes:

All of Fly Jinnah airline routes will be serviced by the acquired Airbus A320 fleet. Furthermore, Fly Jinnah intends to expand its operations and fleet as business grows. The airline is among one of the startup airlines making its mark after the worldwide pandemic. 
Fly Jinnah will be operating a fleet of three A320-200 Airbus. After removal of air travel restrictions worldwide, there was a huge demand surge in the air transit market. Furthermore, the high demand has helped airlines recover faster from damages caused during the pandemic. 
Airline Flight Name Flight Start City Destination  Flight Type Onw Way Flight Cost Return Flight Cost 
Fly Jinah Airbus A320-200 Karachi International (KHI) Islamabad International Airport(ISB) Economy Class Rs.13,500/- Rs. 26,999/-
Fly Jinah Airbus A320-200 Karachi International (KHI) Lahore Allama Iqbal Airport (LHE) Economy Class      Rs.13,500 Rs.26,999/-
Fly Jinah Airbus A320-200 Karachi International (KHI) Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport(PEW) Economy Class Rs.13,999/- Rs.26,999/-
Fly Jinah Airbus A320-200 Karachi International (KHI) Quetta International Airport(UET)   Rs.13,999/- Rs.26,999/-
The rapid demand has helped the operating airlines industry and has provided other airlines opportunities to grow and expand their business. Pakistan has seen rising levels of air travel demand after the pandemic. 

Airfare Industry Opportunities:

Fly Jinnah airline has been working for various months to commence its operations. Now that the airline is launching air operations, it has the opportunity to reap the benefits from 2022 year high airfare demands.
As the winter season is approaching the airfare demands might seem to decline however the global airfare demands remain sky high. The airline industry is expecting that the airfare demands will reach 2019 levels and will attain new records after a few years. This is great news for new airline startups who wish to set their mark in the air industry. 

Fly Jinnah Operational Certificate:  

The airline “Fly Jinnah” would cease to operate had it not attained its airfare operation certificate acquired in the beginning of October 2022. Furthermore, the airline was not in any position to promote its flight plans as the airline company was extremely pleased upon receiving its operational certification.

Competition for Pakistan’s Local Airline Industry:

The new airline “Fly Jinnah” will compete to steal market share from other Pakistani Airlines catering to local passengers like Airblue, Serene Air, PIA and AirSial. 
The chairman of “Fly Jinnah” airline Mr. Iqbal Ali Lakhani expressed his views that they will achieve new milestones in the air industry. Furthermore, he expressed that his airline meets all the PCAA requirements and safety standards and hopes that Fly Jinnah airline will help promote Pakistan’s tourism and travel while playing its part towards job growth creation, economic uplift and providing affordable air travel services. 


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