Being a Pakistani, without a doubt I can claim that Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From its huge vibrant cities to its breath taking Northern Areas, every place is serene and exceptionally unique. I specially praise the Northern Areas of Pakistan, specially Azad Kashmir, Naraan Kaghan, Gilgit Baltistan, Skardu, Neelum Valley and Hunza Valley. All of these places are full of nature and peaceful vibes. The beautiful sun rises and the cool winds there sooth out the mind and soul of a person. Once in our lifetimes we should definitely visit these places so as to realize the specialty and worth of our country.

Today I am going to talk about the beautiful Hunza Valley which is famously known as the Roof of Pakistan. It is the most beautiful mountainous valley of Pakistan which is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. It is the extreme northern part of Pakistan whose borders touch to the corridors and regions of Afghanistan and China. The valley covers an area of about 7900 kilometers

What really distinguishes Hunza Valley from other places is its similarity to the fictional paradise of Shangrila. The most ideal place for the tourists who are buzzed by the city life and its rushes is Hunza Valley because the scenery of the valley which is covered by high mesmerizing mountains provides the inner peace and harmony to the numbed and tired souls. It is very important to know how you can manage the finance during the traveling.

It is believed that the natives of Hunza have a longer lifespan. Hey live longer lives because of their healthy routine. They eat healthy and nourished food with daily exercise patterns. The clean and un polluted environment of Hunza also plays a vital role in their lives being healthy. The tourists feel overwhelmed by their hospitality and welcoming attitude. The people of Hunza have a very friendly and cooperative nature. They always treat the tourists with a very welcoming and courteous heart.

Some of the major attractions of Hunza Valley include Karimabad, Rakaposhi, Altit fort, Baltit fort, Attabad Lake, Rush Lake, Gulmit, Borith Lake and Sost Border.

Karimabad being the capital of Hunza is famous for its vintage royal houses and streets which are made of beautiful valuable stones. Karimabad comprises of the ancient history of Hunza and its famous landmarks are Baltit Fort, Queen Victoria Monument, and Channel walk.

Rakaposhi Peak, being the most famous part of Hunza can be seen from any part of Hunza because of its immense peak and height. The word Rakaposhi means “Shining wall”. This mountain is also a part of Karakoram Mountain Range and its approximate height is 7788 meters.

Altit Fort is the masterpiece and a home of vintage architecture and craft. It is situated above the capital of Hunza and holds the ancient history of over 1100 years ago. It was the residence of a prince named Mir Altit and now it greatly serves as a Museum for the tourists.

Baltit Fort, is yet another must visit place in Hunza Valley. It is one of the most beautiful forts in the country. It also has history of over 600 years but it has been renovated and altered timely. Its stone and wooden work makes it very unique and attractive for the tourists.

Fort of balitit

Attabad Lake being the one of the top ranked lakes in Pakistan is a treat for one’s eyes. The lake with crystal clear, turquoise colored water is surrounded by the immense serene mountains. The lake has a length of 13 miles and a depth of 358 feet. It will not be wrong to call it purely magical and mesmerizing for the eyes.

All the above mentioned places are the most beautiful and most visited places by the tourists. Furthermore the best time to visit Hunza Valley is from May till October. Usually in winters, the highway leading to the valley is blocked with snow and it is almost impossible to reach the place. Therefore it is better and most convenient for the tourists to visit the place in summers.