Umrah Packages 2022 from Pakistan

18-Dec-2021 1746

Performing Umrah activity is one of the most important religious duty for Muslims who wish to seek forgiveness from Allah and promote their faith in Islam. You should not worry as we provide most unique and affordable umrah packages customized according to your needs. Book cheap flights from Pakistan to Madinah.

Steps For Performing Umrah:

The act of Umrah can be performed as quickly as in 5-6 hours and is much shorter than Hajj but it is upto you to decide which Umrah fee and package is most suitable to you. People who wish to perform Umrah must be aware of the important steps required as follows
Wear Ihram before entering makkah at Irham locations called Meeqats. 
Performing the act of Tawaf (act of circulation around the Ka’bah seven times) 
Perform Tawaf Al-Ifadah( praying at the Maqam Ibrahim and drinking Zamzam water) 
Performing Sa’ee ( walking 7 round between the hills of Safa and Marwa) 
Performing Qasar (trimming or shortening of hair and change of Ihram clothes)
If you perform all the above steps correctly your have completed your umrah and now you can carry out all you other work that was prohibited during your Umrah pilgrimage.

Umrah Packages Pakistan 2022:

We have an experienced team that caters to all your traveling, meals, hotel accommodation and trip safety concerns by offering the best umrah packages price in pakistan 2022. Our packages are designed to help you all the way for carrying out all your religious activities with convenience, affordability and security as our number one priority. Book best Umrah packages from Lahore.
You can rest assure as we will take care of all your matters including suitable accommodation, transport and quality meals so that you can focus all your energy on performing Umrah. We will make sure that your Umrah trip is as peace and enjoyable by selecting and making reservation at the best hotels of Madina and Makkah.

Umrah Packages Price:

For performing Umrah, we understand your concern for you hard earned money and the need for information regarding transportation costs, ticket price, hotel and booking expenses, visa and ticket price but do not worry as you will be getting the best affordable economical Umrah package.
Umrah packages total cost will vary depending upon your selected package as you can choose from our economy package, silver package, gold package or executive package depending on your budget. Umrah packages prices generally start from Rs. 82000 and can go up to Rs. 200,000 or more depending on the package selected by you. 
You can trust us and contact us regarding all your umrah trip queries like best hotels for Umrah, transportation costs, visa details or what are the best Umrah packages lahore with ticket price 2022. 

Umrah Hotel Reservation & Package Duration:

You can choose from a variety of our excellent packages ranging from 7 day, 15 day or 21 day Umrah Economy package and customize it according to their needs. Umrah trip accommodation and facilities will also depend on the type of Hotel star rating like 2 star, 3 star or 5 star hotel that you choose so it is best recommendation to choose the Umrah packages 2022 that you like 

Umrah Package 2022 Visa:

You will not need to worry as we will provide you all the facilities for your desired Umrah Visa and processing as everything will be taken care of by us. You Visa processing will be handled by our most experienced and dedicated team of individuals and will be delivered to you as quickly as possible without any delay.

Umra Package 2022 Ticket Price:

All your need of getting the best price and high quality airfare ticket booking will be handled by us as rest assure you will get best market prices and travel tickets from us. We also provide you with various umrah customization options like you can perform umrah independently, with group or family. 
You can also get booking like dedicated flight straight from Makkah and Madina from us in order to better facilitate and provide best Umrah Package from Paksitan Price 2022.

Umrah Package Requirements:

Certain obligations and requirements need to be fulfilled for performing the religious Umrah activity which are as follows
Valid Passport having 6 months validity
Covid certification from Nadra Pakistan
Valid ID card or CNIC
Recent Passport Photograph with white or blue background
Our objective and first priority is to provide our customers and clients with the best service and facilities regarding Umrah flights, hotel booking and travel accommodation from your city for their desired Umrah packages. We want you to feel comfortable during your blessed Umra journey and trip so therefore never hesitate to contact us for all your Umrah travel needs.

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