What are The Most Beautiful Places To Travel in North Areas of Pakistan

What are The Most Beautiful Places To Travel in North Areas of Pakistan?

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When it comes to hearing about the Northern areas of Pakistan, the first perception in our mind consists of the lush green fields, the mountainous areas, the crystal watered lakes, the stunning waterfalls, and the cool blowing winds. Nobody can deny his or her favoritism for the Northern areas of Pakistan. The northern areas of Pakistan are the beautiful tourist spots to such an extent that these do not only attract the Pakistani tourists but the tourists throughout the world come for Pakistan tour to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan.

The areas are including some regions of the KPK province and especially the Gilgit Baltistan. The areas are comprised of several districts and divisions. However, compete Northern areas are comprised of incredible destinations or Pakistan beautiful places. Those who are interested to visit the northern areas in this summer season they are provided the best destinations that would make your tour amazing and memorable that you can never forget throughout your life span:

Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is a colourful valley located in the Gilgit Baltistan region near to China border. Hunza valley offers the most beautiful and incredible places to visit. For example, the visitors can find Altit Fort, Atabad Lake, Shimshal Valey, and many other things to explore. However, the valley is not only replete with beautiful and attractive places to visit. At the same time, the valley also offers a colorful tradition, amazing history, and unique culture to explore.  

Skardu Valley trips

Skardu Valley

Skardu valley is known as a gateway towards the Karakorum mountain ranges of the Gilgit Baltistan. The wonderers that the visitors can find there in Skardu valley the example of which is hard to find anywhere else. The place is replete with beautiful lakes, valleys, and parks. For example, the visitors can get the chance of exploring Shangrila Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Shiger Valley, Fort Khaplu Valley and Palace, and many other beautiful places.

Fairy Meadows

Those who love to visit the fields and plains, they are suggested that the fairy meadows is the best place for you. Fairy Meadows is the place of long plains that are surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains of the Gilgit Baltistan. While exploring the Fairy Meadows the tourists can get the opportunity of exploring the Nanga Parbat, the killer mountain that is known as the 2nd highest peak of Pakistan and the 9th highest peak of the world. Moreover, the base camp of Nanga Parbat and Biyal camp are also located there.    

Naltar Valley

This is another beautiful valley that is located in Gilgit Baltistan. This place or valley is also loaded with a number of attractive places. For example, the tourists can get the opportunity to explore Naltar lake, Pari lake, Blue lake, and many more. Moreover, the visitors can also get the opportunity of exploring the beautiful and colourful festivals there such as the international Ski festival.  

Kalash Valley Trips

Kalash Valley

Kalash valley is located in the Chitral district. The district is full of most of the adventurous places. Tourists who are going to arrange the tour of Kalash valley can get the chance to explore the Chitral district along with the beautiful spots including Rumber valley, Bamburat valley, Mastuj village, and many more. 

Kaghan and Naran Valleys

Kaghan and Naran are two valleys located near to each other. These valleys are the most beautiful because of the greenery, the mountains, and above all the rive Kunhar is flowing by these valleys that is adding the beauty of the valleys. Moreover, there are restaurants with the most delicious foods and the hotels with almost all the basic facilities and comforts are available that make the tour of the tourists easy and safe. 

Lake Saiful Malook Trips

Lake Saiful Malook

Above the Naran Valley, there is a lake that is not less than a natures’ marvel. The lake is above the valley and is surrounded by the highest peaked mountains. The beautiful and colourful water of the lake and the weather there in Lake Saiful Malook all will make your jaws lock. Moreover, Malka Parbat is located opposite to lake the top of which is always covered with the snow. In the summer season, the lake is surrounded by lush green fields. In the winter season, you can find the mountains and the surrounding area of the lake are covered with snow and ice.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is another beautiful place to visit in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The tourists who want to get multiple adventures within a single tour, they are recommended to visit the Kumrat valley. The reason behind this endorsement is that the Kumrat valley offers you a lot of adventurous spots. For example, you can find Chahrot banda, Crooked woods, Trek To Katora Lake, Waterfall in Jahaz Banda Jandari Trek, Bara Dand lake, Do Kala Chashma, and many other spots to make your tour charming and memorable. 

Khunjrab Pass 

Khunjrab pass is also one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Khunrab pass is the mountainous area located in the Karakoram Mountains Ranges near the northern border of Pakistan with China. The main and the most beautiful place to visit in Khunjrab pass is the Khunjrab National Park. The Khunjrab national park comprises of the plains, the mountains, and the lakes.

Khunjrab Pass

Passu Village

Passu is a small village located in Gilgit Baltistan. Out of the best tourist destinations and spots in the Northern areas of Pakistan, Passu village is the most prominent one. Passu village is also famous for its accessible sweeping landscapes, and breathtaking scenes. The cones like mountains, the lakes, and the plains of this village all are the wonders that are adding the beauty of the village.    

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