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Check the Open Countries And Their Travelling Requirements For Pakistani Visitors After Coronavirus


During the coronavirus, a lot of changes came to see in the travel industry. Pakistani travelers were restricted to enter several countries and, at the same time, the Pakistani government had also embossed a travel ban to some countries. Today, we see that the travel restrictions are going to their end. Now travelers are eagerly want to know that where they can travel easily and what tourists spots are still bolted for them. Here in this article, we are going to give all the potential updates regarding tourism into and from Pakistan. You can get the latest updates that who is eligible to explore Pakistan right now and where Pakistani travelers can visit with or without quarantine. So, here we go. Get travel insurance plans from Pakistan.

Who Can Travel To Pakistan Now? 

Pakistan allows international travelers to visit Pakistan freely. However, the following countries are exempted in this case:
The Maldives 
Sri Lanka 
The Philippines 
South Africa 
Costa Rica 
Dominican Republic 
Trinidad and Tobago 
International travelers from all these countries are not allowed to enter Pakistan. However, travelers may enter the country under the specific NCOC guidelines.    

Quarantine And Corona Test Requirements For foreigners Coming To Pakistan:

All the international travelers who are entering Pakistan make sure they are obeying the following requirements. Otherwise, their entry may be prohibited: 
All the international travelers coming to Pakistan must show evidence of a negative Covid-19 test that is cleared 72 hours before traveling. However, most international travelers are not required to go through the quarantine period in Pakistan. Here is list of best world tour packages.
All international travelers are asked to provide the contact information through the Fast Track mobile application or web-based verification form. However, in some cases, the travelers may also be required to fill in the health declaration form on their arrival to Pakistan.
Passengers having any symptoms of the pandemic will be required to appear for the Corona test and they will also be quarantined until the final reports of the test are delivered. In the case of a positive report, travelers will be required to attempt the 14 days quarantine period and they will not be allowed to travel before completing the prescribed period.
Passengers with no symptoms and those who will be reporting negative will be sent back to their homes. Those passengers will be added to the Track and Trace system by their respective federal or provincial authorities. They will also be monitored to ensure a self-isolation or quarantine for 14 days. 
International travelers who are tested positive on their arrival are optioned for paid and or government quarantine. Maldives is a dream destinations a quick guide to your first trip to Maldives from Pakistan

Where Pakistani Travelers Can Visit Now:

1. The American and Caribbean Countries:

No Quarantine Required 
The following are the countries for which the quarantine period is not required to get an entry: 
Belize: The country does not ask for a quarantine period. However, a negative PCR test or proof of injecting two full doses of a Covid-19 vaccine is enough. 
El Salvador: Visitors who can show LAMP, NAAT, RT-PCR test results that are issued within 72 hours prior to fly can go without quarantine. However, visitors younger than 02 years and those who have a diplomatic passport are exempted from this case.   
Guyana: All the visitors who have a negative test of PCR COVID-19 can enter the country without quarantine. 
Honduras: Applicants are just required to have a negative test that has been taken within at least 72 hours and to fill an immigration Pre-check form. 
Mexico: Travelers are allowed freely to enter the city. 
The Dominican Republic: Breath tests and health screening are required on arrival. 
The USA: All the travelers who are entering the USA are just required to have a negative Covid-19 test that must be taken within 03 days before arrival. 
Quarantine Required 
Bermuda: All the travelers are required to show a negative Covid-19 test that must be taken within 05 previous days. However, at the same time, travelers without vaccination are required to go through a 14-days quarantine period on their own. 
Ecuador: Travelers who are aged 02 or above are required to submit any of the following documents:
A negative Covid-19 test is taken at most 3 days before arrival. 
A Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
Covid-19 recovery certificate.
Guatemala: Travelers need to present any of the following the document: 
Covid-19 vaccination certificate that has taken at least 02 weeks before fly. 
A negative covid-19 test must be taken within 72 hours. 
A proof of covid-19 recovery. 
Panama: Travelers have to show a negative covid-19 test. 
Paraguay: Visitors are asked to show a negative covid-19 report that must be taken within 72 hours before a flight. 
St. Kitts & Nevis: The authorities announced that the visitors without vaccination will not be accepted at all. Moreover, a negative test report from the last 72 hours is also required to show. 
Venezuela: Visitors who want to enter Venezuela must show a negative test for the last 48 hours to get entry. 

2. African Countries  

No Quarantine Required 
Cape Verde: No COVID test and quarantine are required. 
Djibouti: In the case the Covid-19 result is negative, then no quarantine is required. 
Ethiopia: Visitors with no negative covid-19 reports will go through the quarantine. 
Ghana: In the case of Covid-19 negative result, no quarantine is required. 
Kenya: if the covid-19 test is negative then there is no need for quarantine. 
Mozambique: If visitors are showing the latest covid-19 negative results, then no quarantine is required. 
Rwanda: Applicants with a negative covid-19 test are not required to go through quarantine. However, visitors from India and Uganda are exceptional in this case. 
Seychelles: Applicants from across the world, with 72 hours old negative test and vaccination confirmation, are welcomed by the country. 
Somalia: A negative covid-19 test is required. However, passengers should go for quarantine if symptoms will be shown. 
South Africa: Visitors from across the world are required to go through a screening test and to show a negative covid-19 report. 
Tanzania: Visitors who are coming from the UAE are not required to show a negative test unless they have some symptoms. 
Togo: If the Covid-19 result is negative then no quarantine is required. 
Uganda: Visitors with the symptoms are required to appear for tests and a quarantine period. 
Zambia: A negative covid-19 test is required and if symptoms are exhibiting then quarantine is also required.   

3. Asia, Oceania, and the South Pacific Countries 

Afghanistan: A negative covid-19 test that is taken within the last 96 hours is required. Visitors must carry 2 printed copies of the covid-19 negative test. Children below 12 years of age are exempted in this case. Applicants without reports will be required to appear for a test on their arrival.   
China: 02 Nucleic acid tests for Covid-19 are required. 02 printed copies of the test are required.
Kyrgyzstan: A negative covid-19 test along with 02 printed copies is required to travel to Kyrgyzstan.
Uzbekistan: Visitors are required to show a negative test that must be taken 72 hours before their travel.  

4. European Countries 

Albania: No quarantine is required.
Bosnia And Herzegovina: A negative covid-19 test for the last 48 hours is required. 
Kosovo: a negative covid-19 test that is taken for the last 72 hours is required. 
Russia: A printed negative test no longer than the last 72 hours is required. 
Serbia: A covid-19 report is required. If the test is not carried then quarantine is mediatory.
Montenegro: A negative covid-19 report no longer than 72 hours is mandatory.     

Countries That Embossed Ban On Pakistani Travelers:  

The following is the list of the countries that embossed a travel ban to Pakistani visitors:
Hong Kong 
New Zealand 
Saudi Arabia 
United Arab Emirates, UAE 
United Kingdom, UK 
United States Of America, USA  
Note: Further information related to end the travel ban will be offered as soon as these will be confirmed by the authorities of the respective countries: 
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