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Japanese Passport has been declared one of the most powerful passports in the world with 191 Destinations. According to Henley Passport index. This report was generated after taking a yearlong survey of the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) which offers visa on arrival access to 199 passports. This is a record-breaking number which has been never achieved by any other country passports.You can get Japanese visa Services also on 
world most powerful passport
Asia has dominated this world travel index top ranking in which Singapore is on the second number with access to 189 countries and there is a tie for the number 3 position between South Korea and Germany. In this list, Many European countries are also showing a strong presence between the positions of 4 to 7

Major Downfall in Ranking of Ex Top Countries:

This index came with the biggest disappointment for the UK and USA passports who was dominating this category as number one passports from 2015. Now they are on the 8th position. The main reason behind this downfall is the own going travel mobility. The government promised to an Australian style points-based system which will help travels to the more diverse and easy system but they didn’t provide it. It is recorded that UK EU migration has faced the downfall of almost 59% between the periods of 2015 to 2019. 
Ireland has also made its name in this category 1 position above the UK at number 7 and issued 900,000 Irish passports in 2019 which is a record-breaking quantity. The main reason behind this upraise is the steady application rise from British residents

Progress in Ranking of UAE Passports:

United Arab Emirates has seen one of the biggest successes in this index report where they have jumped 29 positions and secured 18th positions in 2020. The previous position held by UAE was 47th and it is a great achievement. To get UAE Visa Click Here.
Now, World is recognizing the importance of travel mobility in the future and that’s why Japan holds the number 1 position and giving access to 165 more destinations and the world most weakest passport is Afghanistan. 

List of Top 10 Powerful Passports in the World 2020:

  1. Japan : 191 Countries
  2. Singapore : 190 Countries
  3. South Korea, Germany : 190 Countries
  4. Italy, Finland : 188 Countries
  5. Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark : 187 Countries
  6. Sweden, France : 186 Countries
  7. Switzerland, Portugal, Netherland, Ireland, Austria : 185 Countries
  8. UK, USA, Norway, Greece, Belgium : 184 Countries
  9. New Zealand, Malta, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Czech republic : 183 Countries
  10. Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary : 181 Countries

List of Worst Passport in the World 2020:

  1. Afghanistan : 26 Countries
  2. Iraq : 28
  3. Syria : 29
  4. Somalia, Pakistan : 32
  5. Yemen : 33
  6. Libya : 37 
  7. Nepal : 38
  8. North Korea, Sudan : 39

Internationally Pakistan Passport Position:

Pakistan has the position of 104 in this passport index report. Pakistan has free access to 32 Countries to fly or visit but for 194 countries Visa is required. So, right now the international value of Pakistani Passport is not that good but Government is working on it and eventually it is going to increase with the increase of tourism in Pakistan

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