New UAE Visit Visa Rules 2022 Encourage Tourists And Professionals To Stay Longer

05-Oct-2022 634

The UAE government had initiated new visa types and rules having very simple requirements and increased benefits. Moreover, visas do not need any sponsor or host, provide increased flexibility, having multi-entry and 60-day increased validity.
The newly introduced rules are effective from 3rd October 2022 and have streamlined the UAE visa residency system which is among the biggest changes in recent years. 
Many new facilities have been introduced for ex-pats like new 5 year green residence visa, a new streamlined visa process, procedures, controls, and facilities. The new rules have been created to satisfy UAE's future needs pertaining to all categories of residents and foreigners.
The newly launched visa system reduces restrictions on immigration policy and seeks to boost the current number of UAE residents. Important to note that UAE consists of seven states of which Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the major ones. Moreover, the new visa system contains all types of residency covering all major segments like specialists, entrepreneurs, graduates, students, skilled labour, etc. 

UAE Visa Types 

  • UAE Visiting Visa Requirements 
    To obtain UAE visiting visa of any nature you will need 
    Passport (1st and 2nd Page)
    Citizen’s National Identity Card 
    Passport Picture with white background 
    All relevant document copies in JPEG
  • UAE Tourist Visa 
    Whole of UAE and particularly Dubai has become a hot tourist destination. Tourists from around the world seek Dubai Visa in large numbers. You can easily obtain a tourist visa through your local travel agencies and select a suitable tourist package and reserve your special hotel booking. 
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa
    The multi-entry tourist visa allows people to visit UAE (all states including Dubai) any time during a year and stay for 90 days which can be extended to additional 90 days too. However, the total period of stay must not exceed the limit of 180 days in a year.
    The multiple entry visa does not need a sponsor but requires having a current bank balance amount equal to $4000 during the application procedure’s six months period. 
  • Visit Friend or family Visa
    You can now apply for a visa to visit your friend or family who is residing in UAE by providing documents showing your relationship and the reason for your visit. The visa requires no sponsor but does require a certain amount of deposit
  • Job Exploration Visa
    The visa is for those talented young people and professionals who wish to seek job opportunities in UAE. Moreover, the visa does
    not host or sponsor. The minimum education needed is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Business Visa 
    The visa is given to those people who wish to carry out investments and are seeking business opportunities. Moreover, the visa requires a sponsor or host to be present in UAE. This visa requires a certain amount of deposit. UAE has become a powerhouse of global business. But still most businesses concerntate in Dubai. Residing and doing Business in Dubai gives you immense reach to prosper and grow on a woldwide level. 
  • Medical Treatment Visa
    The visa is given to those people who seek medical care in UAE. Moreover, it is provided based on the person’s provided certified medical report and an official letter from UAE sponsored medical establishment. The patient will need to have an escort along with applicant’s paid medical insurance and certain deposit. 
  • Study Visa
    The visa is given to those who are sponsored by research, training, or educational entities or have an internship period for a certain time. Moreover, the visa requires a letter providing details of training or study programs along with the specified duration. 
  • Transit Visa
    There are two transit visas given by the UAE one for a period of 48 hours which is free and the other one for a period of 96 hours costing Dh50. Moreover, both visas are provided by official UAE-based shipping or airline companies having no extension. 
    The visa is given to flight crew members, transit travelers, and sailors. Moreover, the person seeking this visa must have a valid ticket and passport. The visa needs to be processed by UAE based airline and approved before entry to UAE.
  • GCC or Resident Visa
    The visa is given to resident people of GCC. The residency must be valid for three months and the people's resident passport should be valid for three months as well. 
  • Temporary work visa 
    The visa is given to temporary workers working on various projects or probationary time periods. Moreover, the sponsor which can be government or private entity is needed by the applicant. 
    The person who needs this visa must present a temporary work contract, approved medical test, and contract agreement. 
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New Additions to UAE Visa Rules 

  • UAE Golden Visa
    This visa is provided to attract more talented and skilled people having bright science, medicine, tech, and education background to live inside UAE. People like entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors are highly sought after by the UAE government. Moreover, UAE officials want people to stay and make UAE their next home.
    The new facility provided to UAE Golden visa residents is that the visa remains valid even if a resident is outside UAE. Moreover, removal of the limit on sponsored domestic workers and enabling visa applicants’ family members to stay in UAE during the validity period after the resident sponsor dies.
  • UAE Green Visa
    This visa is targeted towards freelancers, self-employed and skilled workers. Additionally, the visa enables an applicant to sponsor their relatives for five year period against the previously allowed two-year period. 
    This visa requires applicants to hold bachelor’s degrees in fields like education, science, law, social sciences, etc. Furthermore, the applicant must have a salary of Dh15,000 per month. 
    This visa has many unique features and is provided for a period of 5 years. Moreover, visa holders can easily obtain a resident permit for their family including children, spouses, or relatives. This visa provides 6 month flexible grace period facility after cancellation or expiry of residency of the visa.
    The visa allows people to sponsor themselves for a period of 5 years without any need for a sponsor. Moreover, the visa enables people to sponsor their male-sex children for up to the age of 25 years. There is also no limit on age for sponsoring unmarried daughters and special children. 
    The flexible grace period provided by UAE green visa can be extended to a maximum limit of 6 months. The UAE green visa is given to three specific categories like skilled employees, investors or associates, skilled freelancers and self-employed. 
  • UAE Job Visa
    The visa is given to individuals who wish to seek job opportunities in UAE or to explore business and investment opportunities without needing a sponsor. Moreover, new visa rules enable talented people to seek job opportunities by getting a 60-day permit against 30 days previously given without the need for a sponsor. 
  • Easy UAE Visa Renewal 
    The newly introduced UAE visa system allows people entry for various reasons with a flexible visa visit period and easy UAE visa renewal for up to the period of one year without the need for a sponsor. 

UAE Visa Requirements 

Dubai Visa Requirements

To obtain a Dubai visa for a period of 1 or 2 months you will need

  • Bank Statement (minimum 6 months old)
  • Hotel Booking
  • Confirm Air Ticket
  • Mother ID Card
Abu Dhabi /Sharja Visa Requirements

To obtain Abu Dhabi or Sharjah visa you will need

  • Air ticket reservation
  • Confirmation of air ticket
  • Hotel Booking reservation
  • Mother ID Card

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