The National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan (NADRA), Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan has offered online visa application system known as “Pakistan Online Visa”; issuing e-visa for tourists coming to Pakistan. This system has been initiated in 2019. This system permits Foreign Nationals to apply for an online visa or e-visa for different purposes like work, visit visa, business visa etc. Tourist visa is eligible for only Nationals of 175 countries living in the same country of their nationality and on-arrival visa for 50 countries through the online system offered for visa by the Govt. of Pakistan. Have look at the list of pakistani passport visa free countries 2019.
The primary focus of e-visa system is to promote tourism in Pakistan; the land rich in culture and history but overlooked in past due to war and terrorism. In this regard, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has approved tour operators to bring maximum numbers of tourists to Pakistan. For visiting open cantonments, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan; tourist won’t be required of any NOCs (no-objection certificate). Enhanced tourism will change the overall scenario of Pakistan and will serve as the foundational basis for change in the region. For this purpose, already 25 areas in KPK have been approved as best sites for promoting tourism. This is a great step by the Govt. of Pakistan for promoting tourism, thereby improving its socio-economic conditions in the near future. 

Below given are important steps to apply for visa online: 

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment

Before applying for a visa, one must know that there are many visa categories like visit visa, work visa etc. according to your purpose of coming to Pakistan. Therefore, it is better to select for which purpose you are willing to visit Pakistan. Each and every visa category has its own requirement, for instance, tourist visa will have different criteria as compared to that of work visa. Therefore, one must be very careful in choosing the appropriate visa category. Have a look how we get free visa for Arabian countries .

Step 2: Planning and Preparation 

Before you start your online application, be vigilant in having complete set of supportive documents, 350 KB photograph and valid Credit or Debit Card for paying online application fee. 

Step 3: How to apply? 

After ensuring step 2 satisfactorily, follow the steps below to apply for e-visa. 
1. Get an access to Pakistan Online Visa Website of NADRA.
2. To start the online visa system, click on the “APPLY NOW” button in the visa categories and create a new account by providing all the required information. You will receive a message that you have been successfully registered. 
3. Login to Pakistan Online Visa System. 
4. Complete application 
5. Payment of online application fee through Debit/Credit Card. 
For a tourist visa specifically, following list of documents are required: 
1. Photograph (350KB) 
2. Passport
3. EITHER sponsor’s invitation letter OR details of hotel booking if one person is staying. 
4. Invitation Letter by the tour operator just in case of a group. 
Two travel documents are issued on granting an e-visa ensuring that a person is now eligible to enter Pakistan.
1. Visa Grant Notice: This document is basically the Visa granted against your online application submission. 
2. Electronic Authorization to Travel (ETA): This document is sent to the applicant via email. ETA is not the visa but an authorization that the applicant can enter Pakistan and pursue Pakistani Visa on arriving at the Visa on Arrival counter of FIA. 
On average, the visa processing takes 7-10 days and duration is for 3 months, possibly extended up to 6 months.