Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued an advisory to Umrah pilgrims, urging them to refrain from sleeping at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the holiest site in Islam. This proactive measure is aimed at preventing overcrowding, considering the increasing number of Muslims making their way to the kingdom to undertake the Umrah. In a statement shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), the ministry's spokesperson emphasized the pivotal role of worshippers in maintaining order and fostering an atmosphere free of jostling and crowding at the Grand Mosque. The ministry also extends its encouragement to give priority to women and older pilgrims, acknowledging their particular needs and ensuring their comfort during the pilgrimage.  

Sanctity of the Holy Site

The ministry's directive emphasizes the significance of upholding the sanctity of the Grand Mosque, which houses the respected Holy Kaaba. It certainly points out that reclining and sleeping within the mosque premises run contrary to the established regulations of this sacred space. The advisory specifically highlights the importance of avoiding such practices in various designated areas, including corridors, prayer spaces, emergency cart pathways, and zones allocated for individuals with physical disabilities. 

Smooth and Organized Umrah Experience

Furthermore, the ministry underscores the significance of adhering to regulated lines and collaborating closely with the security personnel. By doing so, pilgrims can contribute to creating a seamless and organized pilgrimage experience for all Muslims. The Grand Mosque, a well-regarded center of spiritual devotion, witnesses millions of Muslims from across the globe converging to perform Umrah and offer their heartfelt prayers.  

Saudi Arabia is Anticipating an Ample Number of Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has also implied this due to plentiful pilgrims reaching Saudia. As the current Umrah season unfolds, Saudi Arabia anticipates the participation of around 10 million Muslims from various corners of the world. This Umrah season commenced a few weeks ago, coinciding with the advent of the new Islamic Hijri year. The commencement of the Umrah season follows the culmination of the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage, which saw a remarkable attendance of 1.8 million Muslims, marking a significant return after three years of pandemic-related restrictions.
Worshipers advised against sleeping at Grand Mosque