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No doubt Umrah is one of the most blessed states of praying for a Muslim and it is a way to wash up your past sins and start a new life. Every Muslim once in his lifetime want to perform this holy Journey. People who are performing Umrah for the first time can face many difficulties in this Holy Journey. So here are some of the guiding steps which will help you to have a good journey. Read the complete process to perfom Umrah.

Choose a Good and Cheap Umrah Package:

Throughout the year millions of pilgrims visit mecca for Umrah performing. Not all of them are capable to spend a fortune on this journey so they are constantly in a search of good traveling companies who are offering cheap umrah packages. These traveling companies offer a different kind package of Umrah deals for individuals and family. 

Get Umrah Package according to your Financial Condition:

There are a couple of categories in which the Umrah travel has been divided, there are different packages which suit each category of people according to their financial situation and you can get a special discount on all of these if you are getting Umrah package for the family. 5-star Umrah package is for those people who want to stay at the luxury hotels and want to travel to the business class of the airplanes.  3- star Umrah package category is for the upper-middle-class traveler who wants to stay in Saudi Arabia at good 3-star hotels and a good airline to travel in. 2-star Umrah package is the category in which 80 percent of traveler lies. This category is specially designed for the middle class who want to perform this holy journey. 

Try to Get a Booking in Normal Months it's Cheap:

In normal months there is a different kind of packages that are being offered to travelers who want to perform this holy journey. Travelers get different discounts on various elements of this journey like bus fares and many more. The general idea of the umrah cost is around 2000$ each traveler. But if people can give a little more time and search for better online they can even find better packages for themselves. If you get your umrah package in Muharram month than you can get it even under 2000$ like around 1600 to 1800$ as well.

Good Accommodation:

When choosing an 2019 Umrah Package always keep in mind that your accommodation should be near the grand mosque. If the company is not providing you with that faculty then you should change the traveling agency. If you will search properly you will find a traveling company that can provide you a closer accommodation to the grand mosque. 

Travel Package should include Local Traveling Expenses:

After Umrah pilgrims have to travel to Medina, confirm from your traveling agency that this journey expenses should be paid from your package deal.  
So here is a guide which will help you to perform Umrah smoothly if you are a first-timer.

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