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List Of All The Recent Visa Categories That Were Announced Recently In The UAE:

The United Arab Emirates, UAE is one of the most fabulous places in the world to visit and live. In 2018, it is calculated that almost 15.93 visitors were landed in the UAE. However, on annual the number of visitors is increasing.  Get details of Dubai Visa. The reasons behind a large number of visitors to the UAE are that the UAE offers a unique lifestyle and exceptional experiences to the visitors. On annual basis, a large number of people move to live and to make possible their residence in the UAE. Today, we are going to discuss almost all the recent visa categories that were announced recently in the UAE:


1. The UAE Citizenship:

The Prime Minister and the Vice-president of the UAE and the Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has announced the UAE citizenship law recently. According to this law, the people who are currently living in the UAE with any of the below-given residence categories are eligible to apply for citizenship status in the UAE: 


2. The UAE Student Visa With Family Sponsorship:

A cabinet resolution approved on January 24th reveals that international students are able to sponsor their family members to the UAE as long they can afford the suitable residency plan for them in the UAE. 

3. Work In Dubai Residency Scheme:

In the last year October 2020, Dubai has launched a program under which the candidates with the status of overseas remote working professional will be able to live in the Emirates while continuing serving the employers in their home country.  Get cheap flights for for Dubai.
This is an opportunity not only for the remote workers but also for their families to relocate to Dubai on an annual basis. This opportunity will make sure an enjoyable, safe, and high-quality lifestyle. However, applicants under the following requirements will be able to get this opportunity:
Applicants are asked to show a valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
Applicants are required to show health insurance with the UAE coverage. 
Employment proof from the current employers.
Applicants must show an employment contract of at least one year.  
Applicants must also show a minimum salary of $ 5,000 per month. 
The applicants will also show a payslip and a bank account statement with 03 preceding months.   


4. The UAE Golden Visa: Long-Term Residency:

A long term residency visa scheme has also been introduced by the UAE in 2019. This scheme allows foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE. The candidates are not required to show a national sponsorship. However, they can also get the opportunity of 100% ownership of their business on the mainland of the UAE. The visa is issued for 5 or 10 years and will automatically be renewed. This visa category is also available for the special talents, researchers, and bright students with promising scientific capabilities. 


5. More Categories In The Golden Visa Scheme: 

Last year in November 2020, the UAE has added more professional classes for the 10 years Golden visa scheme. These categories are mentioned below: 
All the candidates holding Ph.D. degrees and all the doctors are also eligible.
All the engineers who are specialized in computers, electronics, programming, electrical, and active technology are also eligible. 
People with high scores (3.8 or more scores) in their studies are also eligible to apply for the Golden visa scheme. 

6. The UAE Retirement Visa: 

The UAE in September 2018 had also approved a law for retired residents over the age of 55 to get a long-term visa that will be valid for 5 years. However, to be eligible for this category the retired residents are required to fulfill any of the following categories: 
Retired residents have to invest Dh2 million worth of property. 
Retired residents must have financial savings of no less than Dh1 million. 
Retired residents must show an active monthly income of no less than Dh 20,000.


7. The UAE Medical Treatment Visa :

In 2017, the UAE has also announced the updates for the medical treatment visa. Under this category, the patients will be provided a 90 days visa individually or for the group. The visa is renewable if the hospital sends a request. 


8. The UAE Special Visa:

The UAE cabinet has also announced a special visa category. The visa will be issued to the citizens who are living in countries that are suffering from wars and disasters. The visa validity Dubai will be of one year. However, this category allows, widows, divorced women, and their children to renew their residence for one year without any sponsor. The renewal will be granted at once.   


Apply Today For The UAE Visa:

Applicants who are interested to live, start education, or working in the UAE are informed that the UAE offers ample opportunities for them to make the destinations of their dreams possible. The applicant who are eligible but are worried to apply the UAE visa application under any of these categories they are invited by to get the complete consultancy from the expert advisors. The advisors or consultants will make you know that who are eligible and, at the same time, you will also be advised that how to apply for a safe application. 

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