Jamshoro is basically an entrance to the Indus Valley. The city is known across the globe because of its world famous as well as rich Cultural Heritage. It is almost 18 kilometers from Northwest to the city of Hyderabad while it is 150 kilometers Northwest from Karachi city. 

As we all know that, every person in the world is familiar along with the Great Wall of China. The impassable wall snaking up and down along several hills is actually one of the most known sites recorded and the Ranikot Fort is actually the answer of Pakistan to its much better known Chinese complement. It is the Largest fort of Pakistan located in Sindh. 

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The Ranikot fort is the major attraction of the tourists in Jamshoro. Ranikot Fort which is also known as the “Great Wall of Sindh” is a prehistoric fort near Sunn, Jamshoro District in Sindh. Amongst the other features, it is also important to mention here that this city was built on a mountain called Morrha , has inspired the famous poets to compose beautiful poetic poetries on romantic scene that it always offers to the visitors. Get Tour Packages to Kund Malir Beach.


The iconic beauty when the sun is about to set and hides behind the mountains is absolutely one of the fascinating moments that are of the great attention for any visitor. Though, there is a sight at Jamshoro which is actually deliberated as the picnic point for the people who are the nature lovers. This point is the Jamshoro Bridge which is constructed on Indus River and links Jamshoro along with the Hyderabad city. 

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The Coast of Indus River at this point is quite welcoming and normally the tourists are greeted by cool breeze waving in River. Another abundant of beauty for the tourists there is the Gorakh Hill Station. It is one of the most famous camping spots and it also provides the magnificent sights of Kirthar National Park.  It is famous for the ravishing night life particularly for the magnificent setup of bonfire. 


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