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Pakistan is full of natural and beautiful places some having mild climate while others having severe. Taobat is also one of the best tourist places in Pakistan. Taobat is a village/ town located in Neelam ValleyAzad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the nearest location to Neelam River from where The Neelam River enters the land of Pakistan.


Taobat is situated at an altitude of 2,300 meters. This is why even in July, which is the warmest month of Taobat, the average temperature is about 20.6°C and in the coldest month i.e. January, the average temperature is -3.3°C. So, the best time to visit Taobat is in its Summer (from May to September). 

Here you will find a variety of Taobat tour packages, offered by different travel agencies. Best tour packages to Taobat  are available here offering many services and facilities in each of these Best Trip packages. These will provide you the transport, hotel accommodation (on sharing basis), quality meals, tour guidance, basic first aid.

Best Tour Plans for Taobat | Kashmir | Neelam Valley in 2023

Taobat is an amazing place in Neelam Valley and it is a great attraction for tourists. Get Cheap Tour Packages for Neelam valley. If you are going to Taobat first time, then it would be better that you go through a travel agency that will provide you guidance all the way. For this, you can order here the tour Packages 2023 for Taobat at best rates. The prices for each package are different depending upon the place of departure and duration of the trip.


Taobat tour plan 2023 is presented here along with all details and information. Tour to Taobat is a very enjoyable journey in which you will take comfortable sigh in the environment filled with greenery, mountains and flowing water of Neelam River downwards lower area of Pakistan. 

Taobat (AJK) 4  Days | 6 Days Tour Packages

Each Tour Package here, you will be toured at many destinations told in detail of your tour package. In the 4 Days Tour Package to Taobat, you will not only visit Taobat but also Sharda, Arangkel, Hamlat and Janawai, and many others. Same as that, by getting 6 Days Tour Package to Taobat, you will visit Taobat, Ratti Gali Lake, Karen Valley, Neelam Valley, Dowarian, Himalaya Mountains, Kel, Sharda and much more. 


In Taobat, there is a motel of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Tourism and Archaeology Department and some hotels. One can reach Taobat by going through an unpaved road from Kel to Taobat. The distance between Kel and Taobat is about 25 miles (near 38 kilometers). Book the tour of your choice and visit the best tourist places near Taobat.



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