Get Low Prices for Turkey Visa from Pakistan 2023

You can apply for a single entry or multiple entry Turkey visa from Pakistan. The visa duration is allocated based on your visit requirements and the typical Turkey visa validity is 3 months.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
File Fee 1 Working Days PKR 8,000 APPLY NOW

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Updated 11 March 23
Turkey is calling. Soon after Eid holidays a huge demand for Turkey tours packages is on the rise hat points to similar rise in Turkey visa applications. As an intelligent traveler, you can opt to apply for Turkey visa as early as possible. Typically, each Turkey visa get 3 months validity that gives you ample time to travel. But applying early saves a lot of trouble.

Updated 6 March 23
To prepare for your document file for Turkey visa, you can do it on your own, ask team to help compile your visa file or you can also visit Anatolia Travel Services office for paid services on visa file preparation. 

Updatedd 16 Feb 23
The huge earthquake has rattled Turkey and the country is still struggling to come back to routine. You are not advised to visit the earthquake-stricken areas. Although most people visit Turkey near the Istanbul which is very far. But still, you may notice the life not so fun due to the people of Turkey coming out of the earthquake trauma. If you have already made your plans or have a Turkey visa from Pakistan, you can still visit Turkey. But if you have new plan, you may want to defer it to some more weeks.

Updatedd 7 Feb 23
According to latest reports, Turkey visa office fee has been increased.
Old Fee = Rs. 21700
New Fee = Rs. 48000 +
The main reason for the fee hike has been the PKR devaluation against USD. There had been a strong earthquake in Turkey and the tourism sector is expected to get a blow due to these new circumstances.

Turkey is one of the most picked destinations for visitors because this country entails splendid history with vibrant shades of culture. Moreover, it reflects the lifestyles of both European and Islamic ethos.Check out Our Turkey tours. Pakistani citizens can visit Turkey after obtaining the official Turkish visa. The Turkish Embassy is located in Pakistan which allows Pakistani visitors to travel Turkey and for this purpose Turkish Government has set some specific visa categories.

1. Quick Facts about Turksih Visa:

  1. Visa Required : Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type : Tourist, Business, Others
  3. Visit Visa Duration : Up to 30 Days (They do not have to obtain a visa to visit Argentina for a stay of not more than 90 days).
  4. Travel Insurance Cover Required  : Yes
  5. Require Agent/Consultant to apply : Depend Upon you
Turkey tourist visa sample

2. How to Apply for Turkey Visa from Pakistan:

The two main channels of Turkey  Visa Application Process are as follows:
Regular Turkish online visa application 
E-visa application 
Mostly Pakistani citizens choose the regular on-line visa application process because E-Visa is only granted to applicants who already possess a valid USA, UK, Ireland and SCHENGEN visa. E-visa is only granted to travellers who are travelling either for tourism or for trade.Steps:
  1. Applicants for Turkey visit visa may apply for Turkish E-Visa from ( or
  2. Applicant must fill complete contact details of inviting company on the form. (Applicant can write inviter’s details manually in case if system doesn’t print the details.)
  3. Application should be signed by each applicant if above 18 years of age. Otherwise for minors one parent can sign the application. If depended child is traveling with one parent then affidavit from other parent is must along with parent’s contact details. And similarly if child is travelling with relatives then affidavit from both parents is required. (Additionally if parents are separated then affidavit and separation certificate is required or if one parent has expired the death certificate is required)
  4. If applicant’s family/relatives lives in Turkey and applicants intend to stay with inviter then inviter’s contact details must be mentioned along with copy of Turkish Kimlik, residence permit, residence address.
  5. If applicant mentioned that he/she will travel with other person/family members/friends then copy of their visa and reservations is required. (Copy of USA/ Schengen visa and e-visa or Turkish visa sticker obtained from another country) 
  6. Applicants are required to submit 2 photos of 5x5cm taken in white background and type should be biometric, attached hard copy of photo must not be damaged.
  7.  JPEG format should be uploaded (not scanned).

Completion of Online Visa Application form:

Downloading and on-line filling of the visa application form correctly with correct personal and miscellaneous details as mentioned like address, contact, parents, CNIC no etc. is the beginning of the visa application process.
It is mandatory to take out a hard copy (print-out) of the correctly filled on-line form and then applicant has to sign it personally.

3. Turkey Visa Requirements from Pakistan:

Once the applicant has the printed copy of correctly filled and signed copy of the visa application form, next he needs to attach the following things with it.Given Below are the Checklist of Documents Required for Turkey Visa from Pakistan
Turkey Visa Requirements
  • Passport 7 Months Valid and  old passports
  • Id Card Copy
  • Family Registration Certificate ( from Nadra )
  • Bform (kids) and school id card
  • Photographs white background 50x50 mm
  • 6 months bank statement of head of the family with bank letter  
  • Leave letter from employer if you job plus 3 months salary slips
  • Ntn copy if own business and request letter on letter head
  1. The Process:
Once all the documents are collected, verified and copied as per requirement mentioned in the application form the applicant along with the completely filled, printed and signed copy of visa application form with all the required documents and valid passport has to visit Gerry Fed Ex office and to submit the application. A receipt will be given to the applicant confirming the successful application submission.
Each applicant above 18 years of age has to sign the application. For under 18 applicants, one parent can sign the application.
  1. Refusal of the Visa:
Turkish Embassy has complete right to refuse the visa without an explanation .In such case applicant can apply again after 6 months.
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4. Turkish Visa Categories for Pakistani Citizens:

The following categories of Visa are granted to Pakistani nationals:
  1. Single Transit
  2. Double Transit
  3. Touristic Visit 
  4. Business or Commercial visit
  5. Conference / Seminar / Workshop
  6. Fair / Exhibition
  7. Sport event 
  8. Cultural event 
  9. Official Visit 
  10. Visa to enter  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  12. Internship Visa
  13. Language learning purpose
  14. Work visa for employment in Turkey
  15. Academic purpose etc.
  16. Medical issues

5. Turkey Visa Fee from Pakistan:

Visa Fee is updated in the beginning of the year .The current Fee is as follows:
Single entry fee: Anatalyia fee Rs. 48500
Travel Insurance for Turkey Visa USD 45
File Charges Rs. 8000

6.  Turkey Visa Processing Time for Pakistan:

  • 15 Working Days
  • In some case procedure may take 3-4 Weeks.

7. Turkey Group Travel from Pakistan:

If you plan on traveling in a group, you will need a Turkey visa if you are from Pakistan. Individuals traveling as part of a designated group must complete an e-appointment application online, and each application will receive a unique reference number. The group must provide Gerry's with complete information about their size and other details. The group can then download and submit the online application form. The Consulate General will assign a date on which the group must appear to collect their visas. If the group has more than 50 passports, it is advisable to submit the application well in advance, several weeks before the travel date.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Can Pakistani people visit turkey visa-free?

No, all the people from Pakistan who wants to visit Turkey are required to have a valid visa.

What is the processing fee for a Visa to turkey from Pakistan?

The processing fee for a Visa to turkey is about 60$.

How much time do it take to get a visa to turkey?

It usually gets accepted in 15 days.

Is there any chance of visa rejection to turkey from Pakistan?

If they find the reason for your visit suspicious your visa may get rejected.

Can we get a work visa to Turkey?

Yes, but for this purpose the visa application form and letter from your employer are necessary.

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