Hayya Card Holder To Perform Free Umrah

19-Oct-2022 229

Saudi Arabia government’s ministry of foreign affairs has recently on October 16 launched the services to provide free electronic visas for people having Hayya cards. The Hayya card holders will be able to enter the Saudi Arabia kingdom with valid visas from November 10, 2022. 

Hayya Card Visa Expenses:

According to a statement made by Khaled al Shammari who is assistant director of the Saudi Ministry Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom bear all the expenses of issuing e-visa provided to Hayya card holders. 

Chance to do Umrah & Ziarat:

People who have obtained the Hayya card will be able to perform the Umrah pilgrimage and will also be permitted to visit the holy city of Madinah too. However, according to Saudi Al Ekhbariya, the Hayya card holders must get compulsory medical insurance issued from Tesheera's official platform. Book Insurance for Haya Card.

Hayya Card Visa Validity:

The concerned visa provided will be valid for a period of two months inside Saudi Arabia. The visa will be multiple entry type so Hayya card holders can enter and exit Saudi Arabia kingdom at any time. Furthermore, people can enter Saudi Arabia kingdom from any country and not from just Qatar. 
Holders of Hayya card can avail stay in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a period of two months. According to the Saudi Arabia government's announcement, thousands of people having Hayya cards have applied for the concerned visa already.

Hayya Card Visa Issuance: 

The people having Hayya cards who wish to obtain Saudi visas must apply through the Unified visa-providing platform and submit their visa application to be processed through the official Saudi Arabia website listed below

Hayya Card Obligatory for FIFA World Cup 2022:

This is a fantastic news for fans concerning FIFA World Cup 2022 which is to be held in Qatar starting November 2022. Obtaining Hayya card is essential as it acts as an entry pass for the FIFA World cup together with a FIFA match ticket to enable people to enter Qatar’s designated stadiums
The Hayya card also functions as a match ticket, entry permit for international people, free transportation ticket, and visa for access to certain FIFA fan zones. According to the Qatar government, more than 1.5 million (75%) people have applied for the Hayya cards. 
Obtaining the Hayya card is essential if you wish to attend all FIFA world cup 2022 matches to be held in Qatar country.  The Qatar government has recently opened up two Hayya card servicing centers for assisting people coming for 2022 FIFA world cup. The service centers have the capability to print 4000-5000 cards daily which is going to increase with the arrival of football fans in the country. 

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