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Pakistan is one of those countries that are blessed with multiple seasons. In Pakistan, generally, there are four seasons come to experience which are included on the winter season, summer season, spring, and autumn season. Every season has its own taste and facilities. Where Pakistan is blessed with four beautiful seasons at the same time Pakistan is also blessed with beautiful and breathtaking scenes and areas especially northern areas of Pakistan. These areas are resembled by the areas of heavens on earth. Not only Pakistani people are getting enchanted with the beauty of these places. However, the visitors especially nature lovers throughout the world arrive Pakistan to view the breathtaking sceneries during different seasons. Read snowfall in Murree northern area expected dates.
Out of all the seasons, winter season comes with more charms and adventurous. There are areas exist in Pakistan where visitors experience and enjoy snow falling and these areas are especially located in the north of Pakistan. Well, if you are thinking to make this winter season of you more adventurous and memorable then we are going to offer you a list of best northern areas where you can enjoy snow falling: 


Hunza Valley:

This valley is located in the region of Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. It is located in the west of the Hunza River and is above around 8,200 ft. There are a lot of beautiful and breathtaking sceneries are located around Hunza valley and out of which Ultar Sar, Bojahagur Duanasir II Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, Passu Peak, Ghenta Peak Diran Peak, and Bublimotin are the common names. All these places are replete with snow during the winter season. Book 8 days trips to Hunza here at cheap rates.


Leepa Valley:

It is one of the most beautiful regions of Pakistan which is located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The valley is surrounded by the mountains and mountains are surrounded by pine trees which gives a breathtaking and enchanting view. You can never relate the scene of these mountains and pine trees to any place else when these are covered with snow during the winter season. 


Malam Jabba:

In the Karakoram mountain range there is a hill station which is known as Malam Jabba. The place is also known as ski resort where every time a beautiful weather rules. The ski resort is actually a ski slot which is 800 m long and the highest point of this slot is about 9200 ft. above the level of the sea. When this slot is replete with burdens of snow this gives the most beautiful and charming sight. Book 3 days tour packages for Malam Jabba here.


Peer Chanasi:

This is another most beautiful place which attracts visitors, especially in the winter season. The place is located 32 kilometers to Muzaffarabad and is 9593 ft. above the level of the sea. Once you take the view of this palace you will also recommend this, like others, that it is one of the masterpieces by Almighty God. Moreover, the place doesn’t only attracts the visitors during the winter season but tourists also are benefited from its loveliest weather during the summer season.   


Naran Kaghan:

These are two places Naran and Kaghan and these are always speaking together whenever one talks about these places. Book cheap tours to Naran here. Naran is an upper valley than Kaghan and both of these are located in Mansehra District. Both valley, when loaded with snow during the winter season, attracts a large variety of tourists not only from Pakistan but throughout the world. 
In conclusion we say that there is no limit to the beautiful places to visit in Pakistan especially in the northern areas of Pakistan. We have collected the top places for those who really want to make this winter season fantastic and memorable for a long time. 

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