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To control the spread of the coronavirus Malaysia has imposed a ban on the residents of 23 countries including Pakistan. Owing to the ongoing situation of the pandemics the people of the other countries are not allowed to enter into Malaysia as announced by the affiliated authorities. As per the sources, Malaysia’s senior minister of defense declares this decision on the social media platform. Basically, the countries that have coronaviruses cases more than 1 lac and 50,000 are restricted to enter into Malaysia.

List of Restricted Countries:

Malaysia’s department of immigration has issued the list of such countries that include America, Brazil, India, Peru, Colombia, Africa, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Iran, Britain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, France, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Philippine, and Indonesia. According to the department of immigration, this step is taken to limit the spread of the virus.
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Ban on Visit Visa Holders

Previously Malaysia announced to ban the visit visa holder of India, the Philippine, and Indonesia on 1st September 2020. After that on 3rd September 2020, it was proclaimed that the countries having a large number of active coronavirus cases are not permitted to enter into Malaysia. Moreover, the Malaysian officials also said that in the case of any emergency the government will facilitate the people but they must have to acquire the special permission of the immigration department. In this way, they will be allowed to travel under uncertain circumstances.

Current Situation of Coronavirus in Malaysia

According to the latest updates, the numbers of the coronavirus cases in Malaysia are more than 9400 and the death tally has been reached up to 28. For more details, keep visiting and get all the latest traveling updates.

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