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Why Turkey Is A World's Best Tourist Attraction


Why Turkey Is A World's Best Tourist Attraction: Reasons And Facts:

Are you eager to visit turkey this summer but are a little bit confused about the Turkey tourist visa application? Just read the given discussion that will show you all the facts and figures about the turkey, the reasons that what things make Turkey a worlds’ best tourist attraction, and the complete guide to applying for a Turkish visitors visa. Get best Turkey tour packages 2021 from Pakistan at chaepo rates.

Where Turkey Is Located: A brief Introduction :

Turkey is known as a transcontinental country that is located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia bordering the black sea. Turkey is bordered by Georgia and Armenia on the northeast, on the east of the Turkey Azerbaijan and Iran are located, Iraq and Syria are located in the Southeast of the turkey, then we find the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea on the Southwest and West sides of Turkey.  Get Turkey, Azarbijan, Qatar group tour packages prices. On the Northwest side, Turkey is bounded by Greece and Bulgaria. The following is further detail or key points tourists look for: 
Capital City  Ankara 
Total Area  783,356 km2 
Population  83,614,362 (31 December 2020 estimate)
Currency  Turkish lira (₺) (TRY)
Time Zone  UTC+3 (TRT)
Spoken Languages 
Predominantly: Turkish 
Other Languages: Zaza, Laz, Kabardian-Cherkess, Kurmanji, and Arabic, etc. 

How Many People Visit Turkey Each Year :

It is calculated that every year millions of visitors landed in Turkey for recreational and fun purposes. According to the statistics calculated from the report of 2019, it was confirmed that almost 51.9 million people arrived turkey from across the world. However, in 2020 the rate of the tourists was decreased because of the pandemic, Covid-19 but with the improvements in controlling the pandemic, the tourism rate is also increasing day after day. Get travel insurance plans for Turkey.

Reasons To Visit Turkey :

The following are the reasons that make Turkey a worlds’ best tourist destination:
Loving People: Turkish people are so loving and welcoming. They are well-mannered and well-behaved and treat the foreigners very well. However, there are some restricted areas in Turley where the tourists should avoid visiting. 
Historical Places: Ephesus, Aizanoi, Antalya Museum, and many other historical places are located in turkey. These places have always been a solid reason for tourists to visit turkey. 
Delicious Foods: For having a wonderful experience with the delicious and Halal foods Turkey is the best place. The examples of some mouthwatering Turkish cuisines are Lahmacun (Turkish Style Pizza), Menemen (Turkish Egg Delicacy) Şiş Kebap (Turkish Seekh Kebab), Döner (Turkish Sub), and İskender Kebab (Strips Of Lamb), etc. 
Natural Wonders: Turkey is also replete with natural wonders that have also been alluring tourists from across the world. Here we would like to mention some of the amazing natural wonders that every single visitor must add to his or her travel plan and these are comprised of Pamukkale, Ulubey Canyon, Butterfly Valley, Salda Lake, and many other spots. 
Beautiful Beaches: When it comes to talking about beaches in Turley, then we find the beautiful, clear, and sandy beaches in Turkey. The beaches including Kabak Beach (Fethiye), Mermerli Beach (Antalya), Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz), and Kaputaş Beach (Kas), etc. are not only the most beautiful and popular in Turkey but these are also considered the ways to attract visitors throughout the world.   
Shopping: While discussing the reasons behind the popularity and favoritism of Turkey, how can we forget about the shopping time in Turkey? For shopping lovers, Turkey offers amazing bazaars and markets with items of local and other different cultures. For shopping lovers, the best places to explore in Turkey are comprised of Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Bagdat Street, Mall of Istanbul, Arasta Bazaar, and some others.    

How To Get A Turkish Tourist Visa From Pakistan :

Visitors who have already been there in Turkey are well aware of the process that how to get a Turkish Tourist visa. But, those who haven’t get the opportunity yet and are thinking to make their dreams true are advised to follow the given details to make this opportunity possible for them. List of best Visa agents for Turkey.
The following are the general requirements to apply for a tourist visa for Turkey:
  • The mode of Turkish visa application is online. 
  • Applicants must have a passport with at least 06 months validity. 
  • 02 recent colored of passport size.
  • Polio vaccination certification
  • Corona vaccination certificate 
  • Visitor’s financial details 
  • Police clearance certificate  
Turkey Visa Processing Time: It takes up to 17 working days to process the visitor visa for Turkey.  
Turkish Tourist Visa Fees: The following is the detail of the Turkish Tourist visa fee: 


Visa Category



Single Entry Visa 

PKR 9,000/-


Single Entry Transit Visa 

PKR 7,350/-


Multiple Entry Visa

PKR 23,930/-


Multiple Entry Transit Visa 

PKR 14,700/-


Apply Today For Turkish Tourist Visa:

You are recommended to contact us today and we will send your case to the professional consultants of Pakistan who are best in dealing with the Turkish tourist visa from Pakistan. 


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