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When it comes to traveling there are many tourists who love to discover one of the mysteries of the past. They love history and want to discover more about it. There are many prehistoric civilization traces still exist in this world which tell us a lot about the culture and living standards of that era. All those cities who have survived thousands of years have so much to tell other than battle wounds and scars. They show the positive and negative influence of human civilization. All these cities boast amazing stories and cultural architecture.
When we are talking about prehistoric cities than how we can forget about one of the oldest city which is still keeping its shape Damascus it is the oldest city ever found Today this city is the home of at least 2.5 million people and now known as the cultural capital of Arab.

History of the Oldest City Ever Found in the World:

Damascus is the oldest city in the world which is continuously inhabitant to date in the land of Syria. When it comes to the most diverse culture and rich history then we cannot ignore Syria from this category. This country holds one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the whole world. This nation has a long history of a huge number of ethnic minorities which describe its diverse culture. See tour packages for culture activties in the world. This country has various countryside for hiking and biking which attracts various tourists who are outdoor lovers. This city shows the traces back to almost 11,000 years ago, multiple civilizations have lived in this city but its location is persistence.  There are traces of this city going back to 9,000 BC.
It is found in 3rd millennium B.C. and one of the most important commercial and cultural center according to its geographical location between Africa and Asia. It is documented the most important city in the world when Aramaeans arrive. It was the hub of handcrafted art and very famous for its trade in medieval eras. Destinations of the world that you can fly to under 1 lakh from Pakistan.
The city has hosted different civilizations who ruled over it one after each other the traces go back to Hellenistic than Romans after that the city was under the rule of Byzantine and in the last Muslims took over it and still it is in the possession of Syrian Muslims. It was also the first home of Muslim Caliphate Umayyad, and this became one of the important Arab city in that region.

City as a Tourist Attraction:

The city has been popular among tourists for ages, there are many tourist attractions in Damascus, including 125 protected monuments which include Umayyad Mosque, Khans, the Citadel and private house and of course Madrasas. This is the perfect place to visit in Syria to learn about Muslim heritage and Culture. You will find the perfect blend of old heritage and beautiful architecture in this city. Choose the perfect city according to your mood.
In 2009 this city was nominated as one of the most popular traveler destinations in whole Arab countries and over 3 million tourists visit this city in that year. If you have a keen to learn about the old culture and heritage than there is no better place than Damascus for you. 


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