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Many people around the world have been affected by the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization has also announced an emergency as this virus is spreading rapidly. Many people have been reported that they are suffering from this deadly disease. The coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in various countries and up till 4299 deaths have been reported due to this virus. China is considered as emergency center of a virus as the first case of the coronavirus was reported here and it is traveling into other countries like Iran, the USA and many more. Now there is an abrupt increase in the coronavirus cases in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Temporary Banned on Umrah:

Due to the two positive cases of the coronavirus reported in Pakistan, the Saudi Government has temporarily banned the Umrah pilgrims. Thousands of people go to Saudi Arabia every year for Umrah. This step was taken by the Saudi Government to protect their country from the novel virus. The major portion of Umrah pilgrims is from Pakistan and Iran. Both countries have confirmed cases of coronavirus so to avoid any transmission of this deadly virus, Umrah pilgrims are temporarily banned from entering into Saudi Arabia. The same ban is on tourist visa holders from other countries that have symptoms of this virus to minimize the risk of prevalence of the virus. The virus readily spreads from person to person so according to the statement of the Saudi government this restriction is taken as a precautionary measure to avoid any danger.After the ban you can go for Umrah,Check Our Cheap Umrah Packages from Pakistan.

Although this restriction may be shocking for the Umrah pilgrims that are ready to depart to perform Umrah organized by their travel agencies. People are waiting for the next announcement of the Saudi government related to Umrah pilgrims but still, there is nothing to say. The government has not yet declared the opening date of a visa. Policies related to Umrah will be revised again after the duration of the ban.



Cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan:

Pakistan also became the victim of the Coronavirus as two positive cases have been confirmed. Yesterday two confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus has been reported in Karachi and Islamabad. Although the Sindh Government declared that there is nothing to worry about. Suitable precautionary and safety measures will be efficient to control the spread of coronavirus.

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