Thailand Government Announces New International Passenger Rules Concerning 2023

10-Jan-2023 345

The Thailand government has announced a new set of rules concerning potential pandemic outbreaks following the easing of China’s zero COVID policy and opening of its borders on 8th January, 2023. Thailand visa requirment and fee.
Thailand's government’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT), has announced that international travelers will have to show proof of complete COVID vaccination. Moreover, they will have to provide vaccination proof or a letter clarifying recovery from COVID during the last six months.
Those international travelers who remained unvaccinated must provide a reason through a medical certificate for not undergoing the required vaccination. Moreover, CAAT(Civil Aviation Authority Thailand) further clarified that international Airlines are responsible for checking their passengers COVID related documents before boarding them. 
Thailand scrapped its vaccination needs last October 2022 but has now revived the program following China’s emerging Covid cases and border opening. Furthermore, international travelers coming from countries where a negative PCR test is required for entry will have to provide health insurance proof covering COVID-19-related treatment.
According to Thailand government representative statement, the Xiamen Airlines flight MF833 is the first flight departing from China towards Thailand and will reach Bangkok coming from Xiamen with 286 passengers on 9th January 2023.
The new pandemic rules and requirements do not apply to Thai nationals, passport holders, or Transit staff authorities visiting Thailand.  The new international traveler rules for arriving in Thailand will remain in effect till 31st January 2023.  

Thailand International Passenger Rules:

Details of the newly announced international traveler rules concerning the pandemic for arriving in Thailand are listed below
International passengers who are either 18 years old or above must provide proof of receiving two vaccine doses for COVID-19 or provide doctor certification validating that they have recovered from a recent COVID-19 infection during the last 180 days.
International passengers who have not undergone vaccination for COVID-19 must provide a doctor's approval letter for not taking their vaccination. 
International passengers who are arriving from countries that reject the entry of infected passengers must provide travel insurance concerning COVID-related coverage during their entire stay in Thailand, along with additional 7 days before their departure. 
International passengers who arrive in Thailand on air or business crew must provide their employers with guarantee letters. 
Thailand country passport holders do not need to show their COVID vaccination proof or provide health insurance coverage. 
International transit passengers are exempted from COVID vaccination proof certification or COVID health insurance, but they need to follow the rules concerning their country. 
International Airlines must check their passenger's documents, and if the passenger cannot provide the needed COVID related documents, they must not board them on their flights. 
International Airlines must ensure that their passengers comply with wearing facemasks during their entire flight except during emergency situations or food consumption. 
International passengers who showcase COVID-related symptoms during their flight will need to undergo COVID PCR test upon their arrival in Thailand.  

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