Why Pakistan welcoming the tourist ?

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While Pakistan is welcoming foreign tourists, these cities are banning tourists.
Tourism has become one of the most profound industry to generate revenue for different countries. There are several countries Like Bangkok, Malaysia, Thai Land, and Turkey whose almost 70 percent economy is supported by their Tourism. It is not just only a way to generate revenue but also it helps the country to show the world that it’s a safe place to visit. Convincing tourist to visit Pakistan due to ongoing civil war has been one of the most difficult tasks for all previous governments of Pakistan. Visit most attractive places in Malaysia with cheap tour pages.
As the new Government of Imran Khan is working a lot to change the world perception toward Pakistan. To do so Prime minister is taking charge by visiting all those beautiful Pakistan areas which were known as disputed or dangerous areas of Pakistan. For more convenience, all the tourist can get their Visa on arrival in Pakistan. 
 Where Pakistan is struggling that much to convince tourist for visiting there are several cities in the world who are banning tourism. The main reason behind this is the term over tourism. Over tourism means that the number of tourists exceeds from the limit that the specific city can Handel. Read about the top 10 peaks in Pakistan.
Here are some of the world most famous cities who are trying to ban tourism.

Machu Picchu, Peru:

In 2018 the record-breaking amount of tourist was recorded who visited Peru’s most famous attraction. 15th-century Incan citadel was visited by over 157, 8030 people last summer which is 12 percent more than 2017. 4300 Tourists was recorded who visit the narrow walkways of Incan citadel on a daily basis. In January 2019 Peru’s Government takes initiative and put a time limit ion tickets with just 4-hour visiting hour limit. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

In 2018 it was recorded that 18 million tourists visited Amsterdam and this amount is hopefully going to increase to 42 million till 2030. Keeping this concern in mind the city tourist board decided to cancel all the advertisements. The city also going to ban tours of its infamous red light area.

Venice, Italy:

Venice has been the capital of tourism for centuries but due to over tourism there are several accidents that have occurred within the last few years. The same case occurs in June 2019 when a cruise ship hit a boat filled with tourists in the Giudecca canal. Now Venice is looking forward to banning tourist to pass the Giudecca canal on the demand of locals.


The popularity of this city got a boom across its Old town as referred in the most popular TV show “Game of Thrones”. In 2018 the record population of tourist visited Croatia which is almost 8 percent higher than in 2017. Now according to the new policy, the Dubrovnik local guides are following the rule of just 8 people group saying that quality matters over quantity.


Last but not least Iceland, this country tourist just increased slightly from 139,055 to 140.211 from the last years. Still, they are concerned about the factor of over tourism. But keeping in mind the boost from 2010, 500,000 tourists to 2.3 million tourists in 2018 there is no denying that it’s one of the most famous countries in tourism. The country is thinking to add extra tax which will be used to protect nature as well as they are thinking to put a tax on national parks entry now. 
Now there were one of the most famous tourist destinations that are trying to ban tourism because of the factor of over tourism. Will these tactics help these cities to reduce tourism the time will tell?

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