How Can I Get International Driving License In 2021

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How Can I Get International Driving License In 2021?

International Driving License, IDL is a document that verifies the validity of an existing license that you have obtained from your home country. Well, if you are residing in Pakistan and want to go abroad and, at the same time, are wondering that how you can get 2021 International Driving License ? You are notified that here you can get the complete detail that how you can get IDL in 2021

What Is anInternational Driving License?

The International Driving License is an official document that can verify the driving license you have obtained from your home country. This document verifies your driving license in 10 languages. The document or IDL is valid for almost 150 countries located in the 6 continents. Get international tour packages from Pakistan.
On the IDL the candidates' names and other information are mentioned in the standard format that is internationally recognized. However, the document verifies the identity through a passport-sized photo that is attached to the document. 
Keep in mind that this document or IDL is not considered as a substitute for your home country driving license. You have to carry a valid driving license from your home country as well. 
Candidates must also be aware of the internet scam or fraud where they are asked to get a so-called international driving license. You are informed that there is no such policy exists and if a company is offering such an opportunity then keep remember that it is nothing but a fraudulent activity. 

Where ToApply And Get The IDL In 2021:

The International Driving License or driving permit is accessible from a government recognized organization from 150 countries. Such organizations are included the national automobile associations. So, in order to apply for an International Driving License, you are required to visit the authorized organizations located in your homecountry along with the complete application form and the supporting documents. Get travel insurance from Pakistan.
Applicants along with their applications will visit the candidate’s facilitation center. The facilitation center normally opens from Monday to Friday within a standard office timing. However, the office timing may be different or reduced on Friday. 

Documents Required For IDL:

The following are the documents required to apply for the International Driving License:
  • A copy of a valid driving license issued from your local traffic police.
  • A copy of a valid passport along with the valid visa stamp.  
  • A copy of the computerized national identity card is required.
  • The residential proof is also required.   
  • Applicants will also send a driving stamp of 30 PKR by the post office. 

Application Processing Fee Of IDL In 2021:

The following is the detail of the charges of the International Driving License, IDL in Pakistan:
  • The normal processing fee is 350 PKR and the application is processed within 07 working days.
  • The processing fee for an urgent application is 1,050 PKR and this will be provided in a few days. 
Note: For all other updates and information applicants are advised to visit the authorized organization or the facilitation center in their home country to kill all the ambiguities they are facing while completing their applications.

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