Travel Insurance Importance in Wake of Emerging Covid 19 Virus Variant Omicron

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Planning for the holiday’s seasons for your next big trip as it can bring great bundles of joy to all of us as we all get together to spend some quality family time, exchange life stories, give gifts and plan for the New Year among visiting exotic locations around the world. Best travel insurance plans from Pakistan.

Omicron Variant:

The new Covid-19 variant “omicron” has just surfaced among few locations around the world. Various countries are carrying out precautionary measures for new Covid variant compliance like arrival PCR test, immediate quarantine, compulsory face masks for international travelers. 
Before the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant, the travel industry business had just recently experience increase sales ratio by 53% as compared to last year. Many international travelers are currently optimistic that international travel regulations would ease down in the upcoming months as they previously experienced before

International Travel Safe? 

Most of the countries around the world have become more cautions and some are even considering total closure of borders as they prepare for the worst situation by enforcing safety precautions as much as they can with regard to international travel persons.
Most international travelers are concerned regarding their pre booked trips as they fear that many popular countries like Australia, USA, England, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Thailand, and Malaysia among others will close their borders altogether resulting in either being restricted to return to home country or loss of money. Omicron virus and suspension of direct flights.

Importance of International Travel Insurance 

Having international travel insurance is a great way for ensuring that your money is safe and that you have backup claims incase the need arises for any unforeseen event or situation. It is of the utmost importance that you get international travel insurance during these uncertain times as it is always a good idea to have various backup options.

Travel Insurance Covering Covid-19? 

Previously international travel insurance covered only limited conditions like accidental death, injury, delayed flight among others but now they have upgraded their packages to include Covid 19 patients and related problems and issues. 
You must ensure that your travel insurance covers all expenses related to Covid 19 variant like quarantine costs among hotels, virus related medical coverage among others. In addition you must also ensure that your travel insurance company covers trip cancellation, CFAR (cancel for any reason), trip interruption, medical costs, Travel delay coverage among others.
Recently Emirates has launched Covid-19 medical travel insurance for its passengers which provides its customers insurance benefits under Covid 19 along with their travel ticket
Emergency and medical treatment covering up to 175,000 USD
Patient medical repatriation coverage
Immediate evacuation coverage
Coverage for 115 USD for each person up to 14 days 

International Travel Insurance Cost:

The cost of International travel insurance varies greatly from company to company. Pakistan insurance companies generally charge from as little as Rs. 750 to as much as Rs. 44,500 for individual depending upon the trip duration and package.
For family insurance Pakistani companies can charge as little as 1350 to as much as Rs. 48,200 depending upon the trip duration and package. The insurance can cover from Rs.1,760,000 up to Rs. 17,600,000 and above.

Countries that require Travel Insurance:

There are many countries where you cannot travel without travel insurance. These countries include 
Schengen countries (26 states of Europe)
French Polynesia
Cayman Islands
Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)

Countries Requiring Travel Insurance with Covid Coverage:

The following countries require that travelers ensure that they are covered regarding Covid and its resulting complications 
Costa Rica
Turks and Caicos Islands

Do I need International Travel Insurance? 

In todays uncertain times, it is vital that you purchase International Travel Insurance as it is always good idea to be prepared and have backup incase you come across or experience bad situation or event in your upcoming travels. Book cheap flights from Pakistan.
International travel Insurance can come in handy in situations when you 
Unsure of your future trip status
Expect delay or cancellation of upcoming flight 
Expect that you might face medical emergency 
Expect to be place among quarantine upon arrival on foreign land
Expect to change your mind before the last few days before departure
Having international travel insurance saves you from a lot of financial trouble and other medical problems that you might have to face during your intern


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