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Every year summer season comes with good thoughts. The summer season allows us to do some outdoor activities, especially during the summer holidays. Another beautiful thing to make the summer season or summer holidays fantastic is the rainy season comes under summer season. Rain, no doubt, is considered as a blessing by the majority of the people. Just imagine the pleasant sound of tiny drops falling from sky to earth. The cool wind during rain flies us to the sweet memories of past and, sometimes, it also brings us in the world of fantasy where everything we forget and we just try to find out the destinations of our dreams.
At the same time, the rainy season allows us to forget the harshness of the hot summer and to make some outdoor plans to visit at the pleasant places with our friends or family members. Presently, in Pakistan, the rainy season is showering its blessings on us. If you are having stay at your home and keep yourself busy in daily routine matters then you are, simply, wasting the real blessings of the rainy season. We find the season once in a year. So, try to enjoy this and keep yourself fresh and active during this season. Following are some plans or ideas to do in the rainy season, especially, in Pakistan.     

Eat Delicious Foods To Warm Your Belly:

Pakistani people take eating activities with great zeal. A lot of foodies we find around us and on the special events like rainy season the passion takes good hold. Our culture offers great food ideas especially on these kinds of events. You have to cook Samosas, Pakoras with warm tea. Moreover, oiled bread meshed with potatoes, butter and other tastes is a fantastic idea to make a rainy day fabulous.   

Play No Battery Games :

Do not engage in electricity or electrical products. These can defeat you anytime during rain. Try to play some games that do not require charging. If you are having a gathering of friends then play cards, and other related games to make your time memorable.   

Visit at Sea Views and Hill Stations :

Well, if you are fond of traveling then, obviously, the rainy season will tempt you a lot. So, if you are living near the sea station then go on beaches and feel the coolness of the season and get rid of the hotness of the summer season. 
If you are not living near the sea station then move on a hill stationRead abouth the top 10 peaks in Pakistan. Just imagine the view into your mind that green trees are looking fascinating with raindrops and wet valleys spreading sweet aromas and shining mountains with rainy waters into your eyes. Now, tell me what do you think about hill stations?  

Go On Movies:

For movie lovers, the rainy day is also an attractive thing. Play some thrillers and romantic movies on your mobile or LEDs. But, if you also want to make some outing then go on cinemas and get a long-time fun.      

Exercise! Good Idea:

It is the rainy season, outside is showing a cool temperature so what about exercise? Obviously, it is a great idea for gym lovers. The idea of no more sweat is fantastic for you if you are also a gym lover. Do some exercise and get your mind to relax and active. 

Music Is A Charisma: 

As we have already discussed that rain is a fascinating thing but when we add music to this fascination it goes to an exceptional level. You can also add music into your journeys, during eating, and during every single activity. 

Reading is a Good Blessing:

What do you think about to read a thriller or a romantic novel or play with a warm cup of a tea during rain? The literature lover can feel the blessings of this moment.   

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