How Dubai can offer the best prices when compared with the world

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You might have heard that Dubai is the best place to do shopping. What is that Dubai shopping has to offer that other places do not? How is Dubai offering best prices when you compare it with the rest of the world? This question might have risen in your mind. If it has not then you can read this article anyway, or you can skip it. Your choice your loss!.Check Out Dubai Tours.
 best prices

Discounts, sales, offers:

Dubai has lots of shopping festivals and events around the year. Everyday every moment there is a sale in some brand, some shop, at some place. All you have to know is where it is and get there in time to avail that sale. All around the year, there are sales going on. And when it comes to festivals like Christmas, New Year etc. every brand, every mall and every shop that you see is going mad about the sales. If one offered 30 percent the other will offer you 40 percent the next one will give 50 percent. Do not get cheeky here you will not go any higher than “up to 75 percent”. If you are lucky enough three might be an 80 percent but that is rare.
Another important factor is being there on time. If you are not there on time all the sale items might be sold out until you get there. It is like people are always in the marker wandering and looking if some brand or shop puts on sale and discounts.


The shopping festivals that you will experience in Dubai, you can never forget and see anywhere else. The shops here have different type and sizes of sale every month. Some brands put up sale at the end of every week while some do it monthly and yearly.
There is a time when shopping festivals in Dubai are held. Like one festival happens in January, winter season. The other is in summer and called a summer shopping festival. These shopping festivals are mega and they give you offers that could not be found anywhere else in the world.
Tell me this who does give a Porsche as a prize. Where you would get a Bentley in give away or prize. Yes, that is right, NOWHERE.
 best prices

All the big brands:

All the big brands are in one place. If that does not seem like a good thing then you should visit Dubai and try to choose which brand you would like to buy from. You would have a difficult time choosing. Of course, unless you have lots of money then you will just go to each one of them. These brands have fixed prices but here they are in tough competition with each other. You might not believe but the prices differed here as compared to the rest of the world. Sometimes you might get a higher price and sometimes low. The prices are not that much high or low that you would fly to another country just to buy a leather jacket. Or would you?

Local designers and manufacturers:

The best things and shopping price you would get off the local brands and designers. As these are locally made so the prices would be a little less or cheap as compared to the international ones. One of the reasons is that they are not imported into the country so there was no tax or duty on these. And the local designers made them here so they are cheap. Also, it feels like an obligation or responsibility to offer locally made items to Dubai at reasonable prices.
Here are some top homegrown designers to know:
  1. Nathalie Trad
  2. Rami Al Ali
  3. Nafsika Skourti
  4. Bouguessa
  5. Reemami
  6. Taller Marmo

IT sale:

 best prices

The Dubai GITEX that is also known as the Gulf Information Technology festival, is an unlimited sale in Dubai related to IT i.e. Information Technology. Here you will find the best items related to TI and entertainment. After all, it might be entertaining to someone that seems boring to you! There are sales on many things and huge discounts. From updating your TV to laptop, and even have some advanced equipment for your robotics you can find it all here.
Have you heard of the paper thin TV? Oh, you can’t find it anywhere? No worries Dubai is the place and GITEX sale is where you can find it all.

Do all shopping in one place:

Save money from flying from one place to the other and spend that on shopping. That is how Dubai is offering you the best prices and shopping opportunities as compared to the rest of the world.
The duty-free zones let businesses run without any duty imposed on them so that also gives you fewer prices as there is no duty on the products.
So all in all the discounts, availability, sales, time-saving, offers, and trust that you have on these brands and manufactures is all Dubai is offering. This includes the best prices and shopping in less time compared to anywhere else you are shopping in the world. You can go there just to enjoy and have fun too.

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