10 Countries That Offer Easy Visa to Pakistanis

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The green passport of Pakistan is listed under the lower place of passport power rank. But, at the same time, the passport receives good consideration and honor when it appears in a number of foreign countries’ embassies. On Pakistani passport, a number of countries out of the world offer an easy visa to the candidates having the wish to explore the world for some genuine purposes. Here in this article, we come with a list of the countries that offer an easy visa to Pakistanis.
All the applicants who are traveling fonder and are looking for the countries from which they can get an easy response, those are advised to check out the below-given list and then make your new journey towards the destination of your dreams. 

The Following Is the List of the Countries That Offer Easy Visa to Pakistanis:

  1. Turkey 

Blue Mosque Turkey

Turkey has always been friendlier to Pakistanis. According to the traveling rules and regulations applied by the Turkey embassy, Pakistanis can get Visit Visa for Turkey through an easy and quick process. Applicants are addressed to apply for a visa on their own to the nearest embassy.
Embassy offers a turkey Visit visa for Pakistani candidates within 10 days only. However, in case any genuine issue appears into your profile or documents then the embassy may take 3-4 weeks. Applicants are advised to submit a complete application to avoid any blunder. Applicants who are looking for a Turkey Visa Fee from Pakistan can get a Turkey visit visa in almost 10,000 PKR. 
  1.   Malaysia 

Twin Towers Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries located in Asia. Pakistan also has good and fair relations with Malaysia. Malaysia offers an easy visa for Pakistanis. All the applicants who are looking to make a visit to Malaysia then are advised to submit a complete application to the embassy and your application will be processed within 10 to 15 working days only. Malaysia visit visa fee for Pakistan 2020 is available between 10,000 to 12,000 PKR.If you want more Details about Malaysia Visa From Pakistan Click this link. Malaysia is one of the wonderful destinations and is the best option for those who want to explore the worlds’ most beautiful islands and beaches. Checkout Malaysia Tour Packages from Pakistan.
  1. Maldives 

Maafusi Island

You are a nature lover and want to explore the islands of pure and colorful water, then the best options for you to visit to the Maldives. The Maldives is the best tourist destination and it deals the Pakistani travelers with good and fair manners. Applicants are offered visit visa of Maldives easily without any disturbance unless the application is submitted without any flaws.Maldives offer freeVisa to Pakistani Citizens
The Maldives offers Pakistani travelers a visa on arrival. Applicants are required to show only 15,000 PKR at the time of arrival with an original or valid hotel booking. Applicants are offered entry of 30 days there in the Maldives.Read Maldives Visa Policy For Pakistan.  
  1. Thailand 

Phi Phi Island Thailand

Thailand is another beautiful destination for tourism. Every year a number of tourists come to visit Thailand across the world. The reason behind it is that Thailand deals with tourists happily and offers easy visas to Pakistanis. To the Pakistani applicants, Thailand Visit Visa Process within 10 working days only. However, in some cases, visa processing may delay but it is the rare case. Visit visa to Thailand can be stamped around 10,000 PKR. Thailand is the place of beautiful beaches, restaurants, and greenery that’s why the best place for those who love to explore nature.  
  1. Bangladesh 

Lalbagh Fort Bangladesh

Bangladesh was first recognized as East Pakistan and due to some genuine reasons, it separated from Pakistan in 1971. However, the relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh are still strong and friendly. This is the reason that Bangladesh offers easy visa process for Pakistan . Bangladesh offers to visit visa within 04 to 05 working days and for Pakistani nationals, Bangladesh Visit Visa Fee For Pakistani Citizens is 200 PKR. Check How to get Bangladesh Visa from Pakistan
  1. Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place that is replete with beautiful beaches, forests, and delicious cuisines. Sri Lanka is also a tourist destination where tourists from Asia and also from other western countries Visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka always welcomes the foreigners warmly and allow them to enjoy the wonders of nature located there. It is very easy to get a visit visa to Sri Lanka for Pakistanis because they can get a visa only within 24 hours and Sri Lanka's visit visa fee is around 6,000 PKR.  
  1. Vietnam

Ho-Long-Bay Vietnam

Vietnam offers tourism to the world and a number of tourists across the world come here for spending vacations there. Vietnam is playing its best in promoting tourism and this is the reason that it offers visa-free entry to a number of countries around the globe. Pakistani tourists can get visas on arrival with and they are just required to show the valid hotel booking and living expenses during their visit.Read all the information about Vietnam Visa From Pakistan
  1. Uzbekistan 

Registan Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan normally approves the visit visa application within a week without any hard requirements or complications. Visit visa to Uzbekistan for Pakistani people is processed within 5-7 working days. However, the visit visa fee for Uzbekistan ranges from 3000 PKR to 5000 PKR.Uzbekistan Visa Process for Pakistani Citizens is not hard. Uzbekistan is a place that is replete with natural wonders and can be the best destination for those who want to explore the adventures there in Uzbekistan.  
  1. Singapore 

Sands Expo and Convention Center Singapore

Singapore is a destination that attracts visitors throughout the world because of its beauty and luxurious lifestyle. Singapore offers Singapore visit visas for Pakistanis within 15 to 21 days unless the applicant is going to submit the applicants without any flaws. The Singapore visit visa fee is around 7000 PKR to 15000 PKR normally.Visa Application Effort for Singapore is not hard.   
  1. Dubai  

Burj Khalifa Dubai

If you are looking to spend your vacations with a luxurious lifestyle and want to explore multiculturism then Dubai is the best destination for your people. Dubai offers Dubai visit visas for Pakistanis with different durations and different fee ranges. Normally the 14-days visit visa fee of Dubai is 13,500 PKR. The application of the visa processes within 03 to 04 working days.Read How to Get Dubai Visa From Pakistan. Dubai is also famous for Shopping the prices in dubai Shopping Malls is Reasonable then the world,Read the Comparision Between the Prices.
So, these are the 10 Top Countries that offer easy visa process for Pakistani Citizens.Get any Country Visa From Trips.pk and make your moments memorable.

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