A Memorable Visit to Kashmir: My Travelog

10-Sep-2022 315

Last week, I visited Kashmir which I would like to share with you. I’ve divided my visit into the following parts. 

About Kashmir:-

Kashmir is a beautiful and worth seeing place in Pakistani tourism. Kashmir in Pakistan is known as AJK. Kashmir Valley has natural beauty in it that enchants tourists towards it from all over the world and Pakistan. Kashmir is a disputed place between Pakistan and India. After 1947, This Kashmir had been divided into 2 parts known as occupied Kashmir and Independent Kashmir. The beautiful state owns extreme hot weather in its Southern part and a moderate atmosphere in its central and northern parts.


The beauty of Kashmir:-

Nature’s creator has filled it with the beauty of Jannat. Its beauty makes it to be called a “Jannat on Earth”. This beautiful state has many places that attract tourists to go towards it. Neelam valley is known for its highest hiking Place that invites hikers. Kashmir’s attachment to the Lower part Himalayas increases its beauty more than other parts of the state. Rainfalls in summer and winter also add more beauty. Different beautiful cities in this state are of great attraction for those who want to explore nature from close scenes.


My Visit to Kashmir:-

After hearing about the beauty of Kashmir I was zealous to explore Kashmir for this I made a plan to visit this “On earth Jannat”. During this visit, I was accompanied by two of my friends without having localhost. This plan was just made on urgent bases last week. The purpose of the visit was to enjoy the weather with full joy without knowing its present weather condition.

On the fixed day we set on a journey towards Kashmir. During the visit, we were on a journey without any guide so we reached Islamabad late at night where we were hosted by a relative. That night we stayed there and in next morning we again started our journey towards our destination. However, after exiting the cold weather of Islamabad, we reached Kotli district which had almost a burning weather for us. As we reached Kotli it was an early time of the day but the weather was very hot which made us repent of our decision.

However, after exploring Kotli we were running towards Jhelum valley a worth seeing place in Kashmir. After a drive of some time, we reached Jhelum valley where we found the Phrase “Kashmir Jannat Nazeer” true. Jhelum Valley was very beautiful its beauty amazed us. Garhi Dupatta and Awan Patti were amazingly equipped with Jannat’s Beauty. Leaving Jhelum valley was very hard to decide but we were to leave and our next destination was Neelum Valley so we ran towards that beauty. As we entered this beautiful place, its Dhani waterfall distracted our attention from other things and we were feeling its water was falling on us to please our souls. Other waterfalls were also enchanting Beauty. While travelling the way in Valley Baboon Valley was another addition to the Beauty of Neelum Valley.

As we were going towards upper Neelum, The beauty of this valley was also going at its peak. At this place, we decided to get reverse but we came to know about Sharda Valley so we set on the way to Sharda Valley where we took some rest. This Beautiful valley had a great hosting people. This was the last step that was to end our visit. In this Kashmir visit, we found the “On Earth Jannat” A real Jannat as it is said. Kashmir also has many other places to visit but Neelum and Jhelum valleys are mostly suggested for a quality time spent.


Memories of Visit:-

This visit to Kashmir in the summer was a able visit for us where we had a quality time of our life. During this tour, many memorable things happened to us that made our journey a memorable journey. During this visit, our entry into Neelum valley was a memorable item of the journey where waterfalls welcomed us it was like these waterfalls threw water to make its visitors feel calm and relaxed before entering this Beauty of Jannat.

On the second Sharda Valley is present there to make tourists feel relaxed and mentally peaceful. Its tea finishes all anxiety that has been during the journey from dangerous roads. Roads of Kashmir create panic for 1st-time tourists, its roads creating panic are also a great memory.


Bottom Line:-

To end this article my visit to Kashmir this summer created a lot of memories in my life period. During my visit, I found Kashmir an amazingly beautiful place to visit after having anxieties about life. Surely this visit shall make minds anxiety free. During My Visit, I found Kashmir Really “Jannat on Earth”  


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